Do I recommend counting 1 to 100 or 1 to 1000 if something happens?

That concept of counting from 1 to 100 or of creating a space between something that happens and one’s reaction to it is an excellent technique.

A fundamental theme of the Power Life System is that you and I are connected with an infinite positive energy. As part of that infinite energy, you and I have everything that we desire in the areas of financial, health, spiritual, social, and enjoyment. We also can have the positive emotions that we feel when we have what we want.

Perhaps you can recall when everything was going perfectly. Maybe it was that you received a prize or maybe you received a gift. Perhaps it was when you met the love of your life. It could be the surprise of something that was wonderful. Perhaps it was eating a certain chocolate cake or dessert.

Whatever is the most pleasant thing for you if you can recall it in all of the senses: the taste of it, how it sounded as someone gave you praise, how it looked when that person or that thing – whatever it was was in front of you.  And now multiply that by a million.

You can have these feelings right now. For example, let’s say that you desire to have a million dollars in the bank. How are you going to feel when you have that million dollars? You’re going to feel incredible! You’re going to walk with even more confidence. You’re going to treat people great. You’re going to tip people more, probably, because you’re going to feel great. So with that underlying activity or that underlying reality you’re going to feel great. You’re going to be in a great mood.

So then the question comes, “What happens if something happens?”

Well, great, if something happens and you feel an emotion, you can recognize it as a message. If you feel a message or communication that there’s an opportunity to adjust things, that opportunity could be a message to meditate, align even greater with positive infinite energy and that which you desire. It could be a message communicating the need to fine-tune what you’re doing as well.

So to go back to the question, “Do I recommend these methods – these techniques – counting to 100 for anger management or if something happens?” I’m going to say they’re fine. Everything is good. Test it out.  See how it works for you. I would encourage you to explore the concept of a different paradigm – a paradigm where you’re perceptive to the different things that are happening as messages to communicate to improve what you are doing.