How finding inner peace can make the spiritual area of your life even better

The first step is to practice the mindset that all emotions are communicators of messages for finding inner peace. We embrace the messenger and ask:

“What opportunity is there to be found in this situation?”

There are often gems of incredible opportunity in situations. These may be guiding us to fill with even more love, great energy and inner peace. This could be for ourselves, to positively effect another. However it could be a fantastic opportunity that is being presented to show you how to find inner peace.

What I and students do is use the Power Life System Meditation And Energy Balancing Exercises.

Connect with love, great energy, and peace

  1. Write down how you feel from 1 to 10, 10 being the most for how filled you are with love, great energy, and peace.
  2. Next, watch once and then either do from memory or follow along as I do the Power Life System Meditation (video one) and Energy Balancing Exercises (video two).
    first videosecond video
    However you do it is fine; congratulate yourself on what you do do.The more you do it, the greater the skill level becomes as well as results.
  3. Now, write down how you feel afterwards from 1 to 10, 10 being the most for how filled you are with love, great energy, and peace; notice the many ways you feel even better.

How can you and others show spiritual growth and inner peace?

The more you feel happier, the more you treat others with compassion.

The more you do that, the more they do this with the people they come in contact with, their friends, and family. They can then show others how to find inner peace.

You can see how this one activity can start a domino effect of positivity to affect people’s spiritual growth around the world.

The Power Life System Meditation And Energy Balancing Exercises are one of the components of the Full Power Life System. Just by doing these activities daily, you will have many benefits.

However, to accomplish the things you desire the fastest, the steps to define your desires and identify the optimum steps to reach them are absolutely essential.

— Eric Michael



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