Simple Ways To Enjoy Each Day More

In my 43 years of life, I have had my share of challenging times. I know firsthand what it is like to be extremely depressed, to have hit what feels like rock bottom, and not know what to do.

Focus on What You Control

By following the methods in the Power Life System, I have a structure of what to do if life challenges occur. As well as daily steps to do to make each day even more positive and happier. These steps are in my control, as opposed to being externally focused such as having to buy or do something.

Do Something You Enjoy Daily

One activity I have found that has worked great is to make a conscious effort to do at least one activity that I enjoy daily. I also do all I can to make everything I am normally doing even more fun and enjoyable.

Maintain Work Life Balance

When I was visiting Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, I had the opportunity to swim with the whale sharks. I highly recommend that you train in the pool prior to keep up with these majestic animals in the water.

Imagine a mouth the size of the front of a car coming toward you opening and closing. They come about 3 meters from you and then close their mouth and swim around you. Luckily they enjoy krill much more than us ; )

Swimming with whale sharks in Playa Del Carmen in Mexico

I admittedly work a lot. I think it comes from liking things done very well.
For example, writing the post that you are reading requires my time, and I am passionate about helping you and making a positive difference in the world. At the same time, life requires balance and activities in all of life’s areas.

Know What Makes You Happy

Today’s activity is going to focus on including more things in your day that you enjoy and/or making what you are already doing even more enjoyable.

Add Enjoyment

  1. Write down 5 things that you enjoy doing. They can be small or large.E.g. eat an ice cream, get a smoothie, read from your favorite novel, watch your favorite show.
  2. For the next 5 days, choose from the list at least one daily.
  3. Write down how you feel after doing each fun activity and how much better all the other things you do during the day go.

If you are already doing fun things daily then:

Enjoy the Everyday

  1. Write down 3 ways you can make things you do daily even more enjoyable.
    For example, if you wash dishes, write down how you can make doing so even more fun. It could be to have music and dance, play a game at the same time with your significant other or children, eat something you like after, have a plate washing speed contest or something you come up with.
  2. Do them for the next 5 days.
  3. Write down how you feel after doing each activity you made even more enjoyable, and how much better all the other things you do during the day go.

I am confident that by doing either the first or second activity you will begin to feel even happier. If you were feeling down, you will feel happier. If you are already feeling good, you can feel even better.

Doing enjoyable activities is one aspect of the Power Life System. For the complete system which is designed to maximize the amount of enjoyment in your life (or if you are feeling depressed, to bring you to a continual place of feeling well).

— Eric Michael


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