“How often should I update my words of affirmation? Should I use daily affirmations? What about positive affirmations?”

Update your words of affirmation as frequently as possible based on your continually evolving desires so that both align as closely as possible.

For example, John had written a list of positive affirmations.  This ended up being ten pages of positive affirmations that he would say daily. Usually at least once per day. The more he repeated the daily affirmations, the more he moved and acted in alignment with them. They seemed to be healing affirmations.

However, as time passed, his desires also changed. While John has yet to update his affirmations on paper, he keeps his desires in mind while saying words of affirmation in alignment with his new desires. He does this while walking, relaxing in nature, or waiting.

Where do the words of daily affirmations come from?

They come first having identified your most important desires.

In the Power Life System Course, there are steps and instructions to guide you through this. As a quick example of what you would get in the Power Life System Course, here is an overview of the steps.

First, relax even more completely. Once you relax completely, you may notice that your mind is even calmer. You are even more present.

Then, write down the things that are most important to you. Things that you desire in the areas of financial, spiritual, social, health and enjoyment.

Making the list of positive affirmations personal

Based on what you wrote down, identify supporting statements that affirm the things that you desire to have happen in the future as already happening now.

For example, Sally relaxed even more completely. She then identified her desires and wrote them as, “To feel greater every day and have radiant energy. To speak with more and more clarity and confidence daily. To connect with people who have the qualities I most enjoy. To love myself and others even more.”

The list of positive affirmations Sally identified are, “I feel great. More and More energy radiates through me. I’m walking with extra confidence. Recently, I speak with clarity and connect. My qualities that I enjoy most are meeting more and more people . Every day is more and more powerful, more and more fulfilling. Every moment I am happier and happier as every second goes on. As I feel greater and greater, I love myself even more. Others that I love feel this my connections on even deeper and deeper levels.”

Repeat your words of affirmation to yourself and/or out loud as often as possible. The more you continue to repeat them throughout the day, the faster your progress will be toward having what you desire. This can also lead to healing affirmations.

Next Steps

For more guidance on how to identify your own affirmations and write them in the optimum format. I encourage you to sign up for the Full Power Life System Course. Affirmations are integrated into the course to accelerate your accomplishing what you desire.  They work very effectively to do so.


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