5 simple hacks you can do to boost your confidence

Hack #1: Become Clear About Your Positive Intention

Be really clear about your positive intention. The positive intention is something that’s going to be win-win for both of you, to accomplish whatever it is that you most desire.

For example, let’s say there’s a situation where a guy goes up a female or a female goes up to a guy, or whatever it is.

Maybe the old type of intention was, “Well, what can I get from this? What can I have for myself?”

However a much more positive intention to be clear about is, “How can I make this a wonderful experience for both of us?”

You can apply the same concepts to all areas of your life and all different types of situations.

Identify the positive intention–win, win, win for everybody involved.

Hack #2: Become Completely Present, Aware, And Connect

Become extremely present and identify the things you are going to notice even more when you are even more present. Things that you really like, that you really enjoy, that make you feel great.

For example, let’s say an individual is in a club. Maybe they start out feeling a little uncomfortable, or a little nervous about the whole situation.

Yet they apply this and they become present. They start asking themselves, “What is something that I really like?”

They went to club because they love the music. So they answer the question and say, “I love the music.”

They start connecting even more with the music, moving, dancing. Feeling the energy of the music. They start feeling happier and happier. They’re more in the moment. They’re not concerned, or they’re a lot less concerned with what other people are thinking. They’re having fun, they’re moving, they’re enjoying themselves.

What they’re likely going to find is that they start attracting people to them. People will actually come up and interact with them, or kind of start hovering more around them.

Then, they go and meet other people from that already really positive state. They’re already having fun. They don’t need anything from anyone else. They’re already filled with the music.

They’re going to find that those interactions are going to go so much more positive than they would have before they did this.

Hack #3: Mentally Experience What You Most Desire

Mentally experience the positive things that you most desire in as much detail as possible. Connect with the positive ways that you feel once you’ve realized them.

The more you do this, the more you’re going to condition yourself to do the things that result in the things that you most desire happening, as well as have even more confidence in those specific situations.

Hack #4: Feel The Positive Emotions

Continuing from Hack #3, you’re already experiencing these things that you most enjoy. You’re feeling great.

Now, identify: how would you move?

Likely you would move with confidence. Now, see yourself moving with confidence.

How would you act?

Likely you’d make better eye contact, or make really good eye contact. You’d likely move your body in ways that, for you, communicate that you believe in what you’re doing and that you feel great.

You likely would smile.

You likely would let whatever happens roll off your back like water off a duck’s feathers.

You’d likely also act in a lot of ways–that are going to be unique for yourself–that are going to communicate confidence in many different ways.

Then identify: how do you think about yourself and the world?

Likely the way you’d think about yourself is, you’re a winner, you’re a champion. You’re already experiencing the things that you most desire. You’d likely think about the world as a really positive place.

The more you do this, the more you’re going to do 3 things.

First, you’re going to tap into the Law Of Attraction to bring you more of what you’re experiencing.

Second, you’re conditioning yourself to move, act, think in the ways that you would when you achieve what you desire. Which incidentally, in most cases, are the same ways that we would move act, think, and feel to achieve it. You’re hacking it, you’re short-cutting the process.

Third, you’re conditioning yourself to act in those ways, or be in those ways, without having to consciously think about it.

Hack #5: Focus On The Practice

Every time you do take action, congratulate yourself. Focus on actually doing things that would make sense that would result in what you most desire. Focus on the process instead of the outcome.

Put your success–feeling great about yourself, which is the foundation for communicating confidence–100% in your control.

Focus on the process. Then pat yourself on the back. Or give yourself whatever type of affirmation or reward that is best for you when you succeed at something. Every time you do something that makes sense, that’s leading you in the direction of achieving or accomplishing whatever it is you most desire, you have succeeded.


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Make this a fantastic day and live each day with even more confidence, experiencing more of the things that you most desire that make today even more rich and incredible for yourself.

— Eric Michael


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