Use These 5 Mental Hacks To Boost Your Vitality, Immunity, And Overall Health

This is dedicated to a close friend of mine who shared with me one day that the next day, she was going to be getting brain surgery to remove a growth in her brain.

What she wanted to do was everything possible she could to allow her body to naturally heal this, by transforming what had been a lot of stress in the past into well-being, so that her body could function and her immune system could work the way it’s supposed to.

So this is for her, as well as for you, because I think a lot of the contents will benefit you as well.


This information is for informational purposes only. For medical advice, you should seek that from your primary physician.

The Fight-Or-Flight Response And The Immune System

I’m going to be sharing the five hacks momentarily. Prior to doing so, let’s talk about the fight-or-flight response. It makes perfect sense.

Let’s say that there was a bear chasing us. We would want our body to reduce the energy being put out, let’s say for the immune system fighting a cold or something like that. That way we would have the energy in our legs and in our body to run, or to fight the bear, and to live another day. So the concept is very good.

However, in today’s society, if for whatever reason this fight-or-flight response is being triggered by a lot of different things in the environment–something doesn’t happen the way we wanted in business, or a client, the list goes on.

Then what happens is that the body is basically turning off, for an ongoing period of time, the immune system. By doing so, a lot of bad things can happen because the immune system needs to be working to defend our body.

The great news is that just by solving this, you can allow your immunity and your body to work the way it’s supposed to. In other words, instead of the stress response, let’s have it be a relaxation and peace response.

Your body is fantastic. It’s incredible. It’s designed to, and it’s continuously getting rid of viruses, pathogens, and all types of things, so that you have great health. What we’re going to be doing is talking about how to maximize that.

Hack #1: Adopt a perspective that challenges are opportunities to learn and grow

Adopt a perspective that whatever challenges are happening in one’s life are great opportunities to learn and to grow.

You may also be able to recall a time from your past–maybe it’s something large or even something small–that in the moment, it seemed like it was a big challenge.

But now, when you look back at it, you look at it and say, “Wow. That was great. It opened up a new door where it taught me something. I learned something. I grew.”

Or maybe, “Now I’m able to share and help and positively impact other people even more.”

Hack #2: Grow your personal mission

Grow your personal mission so it’s so big that the challenges from before seem so little in comparison.

For example, if the mission is to help positively impact hundreds of thousands or millions of people around the world, then little things that maybe happen along the way–well, we’ll solve them–however, we’re focusing on something beyond that that is so much bigger.

This is also really great because the Law Of Attraction will help you achieve this big desire that you have.

You’re focusing on something really positive which aligns a lot of great things to help make it happen, as well as to make the things that might have been stressful before, not so stressful, or a lot less stressful. And it’s going to fill you with even a lot more passion and enthusiasm for this big mission that you have that every day you’re progressing forward toward, which is really exciting.

Hack #3: Condition yourself to do progressive relaxation when you feel tension or a lack of clarity

Whenever you feel a little tension anywhere, or you start to notice that you’re not thinking as clearly as before, immediately stop what you’re doing safely, and do what’s called progressive relaxation.

Simply place your attention on each part of your body progressively and relax it. Breathe even deeper. Become even more present.

Start transforming what before was a stress response, fight-or-flight like we talked about, into one where it’s a relaxation response.

The more relaxed you are, the better your immune system is going to work in your body.

Hack #4: Visualize and mental experience your desires

Mental experience and see yourself and whatever the things that maybe before were giving you stress… see them exactly as you most want.

For example, let’s say it was somebody who said something or did something. Experience and visualize how you would like that exact experience to be. Saying the exact thing you most want, doing the exact thing that you most desire.

Then really connect with the positive ways you feel. Because when something goes exactly as you like, you’re going to feel great, right? You’re going to likely feel happy. You’re going to feel content. You’re going to feel present, joyous, relaxed.

By the way, all of those feelings you have are ones that are going to turbocharge and boost your immunity.

Hack #5: Imagine being surrounded by and glowing with a white light of healing, radiant, infinite positive energy

For whatever specific health area that you want to focus on and boost even more, what you’re going to do is close your eyes or keep them open and relax even deeper.

Now imagine all around you it’s all white light. White light of healing, radiant energy. Loving energy, infinite abundance in all different areas.

You as well are glowing a white radiant light which is a combination of all of the colors and the incredible infinite positive energy in all areas.

Now allow around you the healing rays of white healing light to radiate into you and fill you so you glow even brighter.

Now, in whatever area it is that you desire to enhance and improve your health and vitality even more, allow that area to glow even brighter, even more intensely, as it’s becoming healed. You see it transforming and being exactly as you most desire. Feeling the way it’s supposed to. Looking the way it is.

You can go even deeper and start imagining this. Let’s say that there’s some type of bacteria, virus, cold, or something you wanted your body to take care of. You could imagine the white blood cells, which are kind of like amoebas, going up and then absorbing it. Then whatever it is you wanted taken care of is inside the white blood cell. Then basically the white blood cells get expelled from your body.

Imagine your white blood cells going to the source, attacking whatever it is, and then that area becoming perfectly healed.

Expand your visualization with images you relate to

You can also expand this with parallel type of images that you really relate to.

Let’s say that you love gardening and flowers. Then you could imagine that there’s these beautiful flowers growing, which would represent the health and the immunity in your body.

The weeds, which would represent whatever was not supposed to be in your body, just start to dry up. Then the wind blows and the the dust of the weeds just blows away.

All there is are these bright, green, healthy flowers growing.

You can use the same type of analogy for an ocean scene, being in nature, or whatever it is that you most enjoy.

Then enhance this. The more details, the more colors, the more feeling, the more sounds, the more effective it is.

Free how to visualize and mental experience guide

Even though the old response of stressor to fight-or-flight probably accumulated over many years, we can shortcut the change so that it becomes a relaxation response instead.

The key to doing so is the intensity with which we can visualize and mental experience. To help you do that even better, I’ve created a free guide for you called How To Visualize And Mental Experience.

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Have a fantastic day full of lots of health vitality and equanimity.

— Eric Michael


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