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8 ways you are blocking Law Of Attraction from working in your life and what to do instead

Today you’re going to learn 8 things that if you’re doing them, you’re blocking the Law Of Attraction from working in your life and what to do instead.

#1: Impatience

The paradox of the Law Of Attraction is that when you’re experiencing what it is you most desire with the same or greater intensity than when you actually “have it” in this physical world we’re in, then the Law Of Attraction is going to work the best for you.

Now that you understand this paradox so to say, what you’re gonna do is increase your experience of it. So what you want to do is increase the number of times you’re relaxing and then visualizing and connecting with the positive feelings you associate with having whatever it is that you desire. Also expand those positive feelings more and more.

If you say, “I’d be happy when I have (whatever it is).” Expand it. Make it into euphoria, incredible, even more joyous.

The more you do that, the more your patience is going to increase, and it’s going to increase from a deeper level because the more you’re already going to feel like you already have whatever it is. So when you feel like that, you’re naturally a lot more patient to the point when your experience of reality matches or becomes even greater. At that point, your equanimity and your peace and your patience is very very strong.

#2: Lack of worthiness

So ask yourself, on a deep level, do you feel you are worthy of having whatever it is you most desire?

To increase your feelings of worthiness–your belief that you are worthy of having whatever is you most want–when you relax, visualize, mental experience, and connect with the positive emotions, focus even more on the emotions of equanimity, peace, calmness, relaxation in the moment.

The reason for that is when you have something, you’re very relaxed about it. When you believe that you already have whatever it is you desire, you have an equanimity, a sense of peace, joy, tranquility–you already have it.

The more you can increase those feelings, the more it’s also going to increase your feelings and belief of being worthy of having what it is you most desire.

#3: Lack of belief

To help increase your belief that you can do whatever it is, my suggestion is to focus on your desired outcome.

Identify your desired outcome. Identify where you are. Then identify the next thing you can do that’s in your comfort zone that you feel comfortable with, to bring you forward.

As you make progress–in other words, you’re focusing on the next step, keeping the destination in mind–your belief is going to grow. It’s going to get bigger and bigger and greater.

Also what’s going to happen is when you keep on doing this, you’re actually going to reach whatever it is. And obviously the closer you get, the more progress you make, especially when you accomplish it, your belief is going to go through the roof for your next desire and the next thing that you most want.

#4: Lack of action

I know there’s a lot of different methods out there to meditate and to visualize, mental experience, affirmations, energy alignment, chakras, all of that. It’s all phenomenal. It’s going to be 99% let’s say.

That 1% though, you actually have to go out. In other words, the Law Of Attraction can bring the opportunities to you, where they’re right there. They’re just waiting for you to reach out and just pick the fresh fruit and enjoy.

However, you actually need to go do something. So if this is something that you’ve been doing–meaning not really doing a lot of action, not really doing something–pick things you can do, that will make sense, that will bring you to where you want to go and that are in your comfort zone.

Build momentum. Anything and everything you do that’s going to bring you forward is a success. So put success in your hands and start putting in some action. Then allow it to build momentum because as you are doing things and you see results, and you say, “Wow. The things I most wanted are appearing in my life.” You’re going to feel even more excited and then obviously you’ll do more things because it’s enjoyable to go out and do things when you have the Law Of Attraction working with you as well.

#5: Internal conflict

Really ask yourself, are there some things that you want that you feel like you shouldn’t have because society is saying that’s not right?

What I encourage you to do is to consider redefining your standards. Defining them by if it’s good for you and it’s good for the people around you, then consider that perhaps this could be something that’s fine.

With that kind of mindset, then allow yourself to look at maybe some of the potential conflicts you had and perhaps you can increase the acceptance level of yourself. Really accept yourself.

We all have different things that are somewhat, or a lot, in conflict. However, that’s what makes you so unique. That’s what makes us so rich and beautiful as human beings is to basically take or have 2 things that appear to be in conflict and merge them and create this greater positive from them.

#6: Fear of success

Really ask yourself, are you like a little afraid? Does some part of you, any part, even 1%, not want you to succeed because of what might happen? Something you might have to give up, or how people would look at you with a new responsibility.

If that’s so, then you can ask yourself, what would be the best that could happen? Likely it could be really good. Really connect with the positive feelings. Expand those, experience those even more.

Now identify, what could be the worst that could happen? Really analytically look at it and ask, is that really so bad? And if it did happen, could I handle it?

Likely the answer is yes. I would say 10 out of 10 times, you’re going to say, “Yeah, I can handle it.” The best that could happen is so incredible that we’ve basically eliminated this issue.

#7: Unwillingness to change

You may want to ask some people who are close to you on their opinion about yourself. We can look at this really logically. Basically you can identify some of the things that you may get feedback on. Or when you look at yourself and say, “Yeah, I’ve been a little hesitant to change on those things.” Logically say to yourself, if we’ve been doing the same thing up until now, we’re probably get the same result, or very similar results.

However, what we want to do is get this wonderful, awesome desire and have the Law Of Attraction work with us totally and make it easier.

So how about if we just adjust and try out something new? What you can do if change to you is like no, or if you’re crossing your arms as you’re reading this, then let’s get in the habit of testing out and doing new things.

Do you ever go out, you go to work or school, or you normally walk, change it. Something really simple. Do you normally put your right foot in first and then your left, or do you tie your shoes. Start with really little things. Do you normally sit in the same place every day when you have breakfast? Do you normally cook in the same hour? Do you normally brush your teeth and then floss?

Change little things and get the momentum. Every time you do, really pat yourself on the back, say, “Well done, I’m someone who’s open to change, open to these new wonderful opportunities. I’m really flexible and I do new things and I get great results from it.”

Start the momentum where it’s really easy and allow that to expand your consciousness and your mindset in terms of change is good, doing new things is fantastic. That’s what allows the Law Of Attraction to truly work the best in your life.

#8: Impossibility

As powerful as the Law Of Attraction is, we as humans have certain limitations. I will say they are limitations. For example, if your desire is to fly with no apparatus or things like that, that’s in the realm of impossibility based on our human body. Unless you were born with a different body than I have, I’m not gonna fly very well.

So really ask yourself, is what you’re desiring something that is humanly possible with your body? If it is, let’s make it happen. If it’s not, then we can ask the question, how could I adjust what I am desiring so that I can do it with my body and it’s realistic, I can actually do it, it’s humanly possible to do and it’s going to give me a lot of the same or even greater benefits than what I was desiring before.

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— Eric Michael