Discover 8 Simple Steps  Showing How To Manifest Money To Have Your Ideal Lifestyle

I’m going to share with you secrets of how to manifest money and even more important to have the ideal life you most desire.

My background is starting and growing companies, so this is an area I write about from personal experience.

Let me share a quick summary of my path of manifesting money…

  1. My first business started at the age of 16.
  2. I worked very very hard.
  3. I focused on money and let some other life areas suffer.
  4. A considerable amount of money came from the business.
  5. I was stressed, not very happy, and my overall life quality suffered.
  6. People were attracted into my life and as a result or as part of, lost a lot of the money I earned.
  7. I started applying the principles I share with you and are in my course.
  8. I closed most of the businesses that I wasn’t passionate about or that aligned with my mission(s) in life.
  9. Businesses are growing, with great teams, and making a more and more positive impact in the world.
  10. I am happy, with equanimity, and positively anticipating the best to come.

I won’t share with you pictures of my bank accounts, property, or fancy places. That, to me, is beside the point.

The key to my sharing the path I went through is the importance of properly defining what one desires. You want to know how manifest money quickly. Excellent. I did too and I did.

However, by failing to focus on why I wanted that money, e.g. to have a great quality of life, I was manifesting money but wasn’t happy. I attracted lots of issues. I lost a lot of money. And I wasted a lot of time.

My goal with these hacks is to bring you on a quick path to manifest money AND have the life you more desire, AKA your ideal lifestyle. I believe it can be achieved very quickly and naturally.

Let’s get into the hacks to make this a reality for you.

#1: You CAN

My friend, it doesn’t matter if you are from Yale or jail. These concepts and the law of attraction is an equal opportunity concept.

If you think you’ve failed before, think again. Likely you learned an incredible life experience that will make these methods work a lot faster for you and allow you to help even more people.

You have a problem? Join the club. The solution finders club. The more we find solutions, the easier it gets. Things come up. That’s the nature of our being energy beings and things changing. Things will always change because it’s all energy, baby.

And as such, you can always find solutions.

If there’s an excuse coming to mind, allow it to and then release it. Continue with the next steps and you’ll learn how to make YOUR VISION OF YOUR IDEAL LIFESTYLE so strong that your light shines so bright… that any shadow of an excuse disappears.

#2: Get Clarity

Identify the exact amount of money you desire and the date by which you desire it.

#3: Define Why

When thinking through how to manifest money,  ask yourself why you want this money. Keep on asking why until you get to the answer. For example, John desired $1,000,000 by April 10, 2019. We asked why. He answered, to buy a fancy car and a big home. We asked why, he said, because I want them. We asked why, he said, I’ll be successful, We asked why he wants to be successful. He answered, then I’d feel good about myself and attract my dream partner.

#4: Get Even More Clarity

Let’s rephrase the question. How exactly do you desire each day to be to maximize what you identified in #2. E.g. if it is to feel great about yourself, then how would each and every day be, from the moment you wake up to your last waking hour?

For example, wake up early in the morning to the sound of the ocean waves. Have someone make a scrumptious breakfast of light fluffy omelettes and fresh watermelon juice. Enjoy with one’s partner. Then return to the bedroom to share some intimacy with each other and the fresh fruit. Then train in the gym together overlooking the ocean, go for a swim in the clean ocean water. And film some videos, respond to questions from people on the personal growth journey, and help make an even more positive impact. Sit with friends talking about how to make the world an even better place and watch the sunset while drinking fresh coconut water blended with mango. Then walk on the beach together under the moonlit sky and let spontaneity lead the way.

Define what it is for you.

#5: Identify Financial Requirement

Do some research based on your personal interests when looking into how to manifest money what cities and countries you could create this lifestyle in.

Based on your chosen city, identify the financial requirement, time, and flexibility component to have your ideal lifestyle.

For example, a couple identified their ideal days similar to above and decided to make a go of it in Costa Rica. Another decided to do it in Tolum, Mexico. You could also choose a city in the USA. Wherever you do is fine.

#6: Define Your Ideal Lifestyle

Now, redefine the financial desire based on what you desire your lifestyle. E.g. the couple in Costa Rica, I think started out for less than $1,500 a month. In Tolum, Mexico, he had a larger budget, and started a hotel. However, his overall living expenses were a fraction of what it would be in the USA and the beach is one of the most beautiful in the world.

For example, “I am living on the beach in _______ earning _____ per month from ____ hours of business activity and accomplishing my personal mission of ______.”

For example, “I am living on the beach in Tolum, Mexico, earning $5,000 per month from 20 hours of business activity per week and accomplishing my personal mission of helping more and more people lose weight.”

#7: Use Manifesting Money To Have Your Ideal Lifestyle

Before you do the steps I share, realize the value of these steps. These have not only resulted in the manifesting money to the tune of many many millions, but also, more importantly, having an ideal lifestyle as a result of that money. 

If you will not treat these steps as worth billions, then leave the video now.

Good, we have an understanding on the value of these extremely valuable steps.

Go to a quiet place where you can relax even deeper.

Allow yourself to relax from your head to your feet, even deeper now. You can imagine warm water flowing over your head and as it comes in contact with each body part, it relaxes even deeper now.

Give thanks for everything regardless of perceived size in all areas of your life.

Send great energy, focusing on financial energy to everyone around you. You can visualize yourself radiating a white light and each person it comes in contact with attracts money even faster too.

Visualize your having your ideal lifestyle by the exact date you defined. Add in as many details as possible.

Connect with the positive feelings you most desire to have when you have achieved it. E.g. happiness, joy, wealth, freedom and all others personal to you.

As with any skill, the more you repeat, the greater and faster your results of manifesting the money to create your ideal lifestyle will result.

#8: When using the law of attraction money does not just appear, Do Something

“What?” you may be thinking… To manifest money you can sit on your couch watching TV, drinking beer, eating pizza and the money will come naturally.

Have you heard about the numerous people who have visualized, believed, and manifested money to the tune of millions by winning the lottery.

The lottery ticket didn’t buy itself. They had to leave the house and buy it.

Was this hard work. No.

But they did so something.

When you manifest money, and receive money affirmations, the universe does 99%. You do 1% and together you get the 100% of manifesting.

So, to do your 1%, ask yourself, “what would be something that is in my comfort zone and fits in the time I have to make what I most desire a reality?”

For example, for the individual in the prior step, his first step was to research different business vehicles that would provide the income and flexibility to have the ideal lifestyle he wanted AND that would contribute positively to his mission of helping others be healthier.” He identified that he could do the research 15 minutes a day in part of his lunch time where he was working.

Identify and do what would be the most promising for you. Make sure it’s easy, in your comfort zone, and that it brings you forward.

Allow each action to build positive momentum to get you greater and greater positive affirmations.


To your financial success,

Eric Michael



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