7 hacks to deal with, overcome and stop yourself from feeling empty and going through loneliness.

Why do I feel empty? Before we get started, I want to express that I understand the process of feeling empty. I have felt the loneliness. I have been there, stating, I feel empty. Feeling alone sucks. So, I congratulate you for watching this video as it means you are focused on a solution. Also, congratulate yourself for your taking action now. You have stated to yourself, I feel empty. Now, allow yourself to get started with the hacks. Have complete acceptance and appreciation that anything you do is fantastic.

Let’s get started with the hacks:

Hack number 1: When feeling empty, recognize that you likely have higher standards.

Likely, if feeling alone, it very well could be as a result of your having higher standards for who you want close to you. E.g. you likely know various people, however, you desire to be with people with certain specific qualities. This is an excellent sign and affirms to me that you are on the right track to have all that you desire with the law of attraction and manifesting.

Hack number 2: When you start to state, I feel empty, affirm your value.

The more we think and speak focused on what we desire, the faster the universe and the law of attraction manifest these into our life. You likely desire to have friends with specific qualities with whom you feel fantastic. So, let’s focus on this.

Repeat after me:

“I am an incredible person. I am special. I love myself. I am the prize. I feel happy. I am smiling more and more. I have more and more joy. I radiate more and more positive energy. I also am patient and enjoyable. I get to know myself even better while the universe brings the people with the exact qualities that I most want into my life.”

Hack number 3: When feeling empty, gain additional clarity with regards to the people you want in your life.

Grab a piece of paper or open a document. Start writing the qualities your ideal friends, partner, and anyone else you desire in your life has. Write as many qualities both physical and personality that you can think of. Now choose the top two or three that are the absolute most important. And now say out loud I have friends who have these qualities.

Hack number 4: Expand your habit of seeing yourself already with the friends, partner, and who you most desire AS WELL AS feeling the positive feelings you would have when you’re with them.

The more you do this, the more you’re going to feel happier. And, the more you feel happier, the faster the law of attraction manifests your desires into physical reality.

For example, as you do things throughout the day, visualize the person you most desire with you and feel happier and happier being with them. This will take away the loneliness.

Hack number 5: When asking, Why do I feel empty, expand your habit of feeling great from a source beyond another person or something happening in your life.

A quick way to do this is to place your attention on your body and your energy and allow yourself to relax even deeper from your head to your toes. If it helps you to relax even deeper now to close your eyes that is perfectly fine. Now, visualize a white light around you of infinite positive energy. Include love, appreciation, confidence, fun, intimacy, and all of the other things that you most desire to feel. Now experience as rays of all of the emotions and feelings you most desire beem into you. You glow even brighter as you feel more love, more appreciation, more admiration, and all of the other emotions you most desire.

Hack number 6: When feeling alone, identify and do things that you love (that involve other people).

For example, do you like to listen to music, dance, nature, or something else specific to you? Now go do things that are positive for you that also include other people. If the activities are new, select based on your having an initial interest or thinking that it could be something you may love. Enjoy yourself and continue doing the other hacks while the individual or individuals manifest into your life quicker and more naturally. This will correct how you are feeling empty.

Hack number 7: Once the individual or people that you most desire have manifested into your life, continue to expand your connection with infinite positive energy in the universe.

By doing so, you feel happier, more loved, more confident, and greater amounts of the positive feelings you desire.

This will ensure that you lead your relationships to have a greater and greater positive connection with the infinite positive energy in the world for both of you. You’re going to feel great all ready and be sharing that and giving to the other person. This dynamic creates the most positive and incredible relationships.

I thank you ahead of time for sharing this post with at least one other person in facebook, email or other. The more people we can help go from feeling alone and lonely to empowered, the greater positive impact we can have on the world.

Best of energies.