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How to FORCE the UNIVERSE and SUBCONSCIOUS MIND to MANIFEST What You Want FASTER! (law of attraction). #1 HACK.

My name is Eric Michael, founder of the power life system, with one simple hack you can use to force the universe and your subconscious mind to manifest what you want faster using the law of attraction.

You likely have heard of and by reading this post, I’m going to assume that you’ve used the power of visualization before. So you already know that by visualizing what you desire, it is going to come into your life even faster.

This is for three main reasons:

  1. First, we have what is called a reticular activating system which makes us aware of things that either support or are congruent with our reality of the world. The more you believe you already have what you desire, the more you will notice the things that are already around you that will contribute to making that a reality.
  2. Second, we are comprised of energy and one energy influences another. Since all that you desire is, at its core energy, you can influence it to manifest into your life faster and easier.
  3. When you are happy (e.g. as a result of experiencing NOW the positive emotions you most desire as a result of accomplishing what you want), you are more attractive, attract others to you more and also allow the law of attraction to manifest your desires the fastest.

The #1 hack is:

“Visualize and mental experience what you most desired, as well as how great you feel with them realized, continuously more and more throughout the day.”

When I write “what you most desired,” that is intentional because since you are seeing all that you most desire in greater and greater details as well as feeling great, you experience having it. And, you see and feel throughout the day as you go about your different activities.

[Note: We are essentially transforming what for many people is a once a day or less frequent activity of meditation, visualization or mental experience into one that is done in any and all activities. We are also leaving behind the old concept of goal setting which emphasizes the distance between where one is and what one wants. Instead, we create our own reality, bending reality to manifest the fastest.]

For example let’s say an individual wants to have a certain relationship with another with very specific qualities. Throughout the day they experience being with the person. They visualize the other sitting on the couch next to them sharing breakfast with them first thing in the morning. Perhaps they cook together. As they go about their day they see themselves together doing all the things they most enjoy. Continuously they add more and more details; for example details of their skin color, smell, and sensation of a soft loving kiss.

Even more importantly throughout the day they connect and experience the positive feelings they associated with having accomplished  their desire.

In the prior example, the individual feels more and more of the numerous positive feelings they have when with their ideal partner. For example, feel happy, filled with joy, loved, appreciated, admired, attractive, connected, present, and giving.

[Note: Do these activities to yourself so that while you manifest the fastest, you also create a comfortable environment for people around you. E.g. I don’t recommend to tell your family that your new friend is sitting at the table and not to sit on her lap. Keep things very positive and comfortable for the people around you while also creating the reality you desire for you.]

Continue developing this skill until the old feeling of “wanting” or of “impatience” leaves you like a poof of smoke. Your reality is so strong you are living in it while also doing things to make it a reality with a complete sense of detachment from results.This is when what you desire will manifest the fastest into your life.

To get faster and easier results using the aforementioned methods, improve your ability to visualize and mental experience. I’ve created a FREE guide to help you, so click here and download it now. It’s called How To Visualize And Mental Experience. So, click here to download it so that you can manifest easier and faster.

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Lots of love and manifesting speed and look forward to seeing you in a future post.


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