Have you felt confused or asking yourself, “What job should I have” or “What should I major in?”

Instead of asking first, what job should I have or what should I major in, we ask, how do we want each day to be and find a money making solution to create that lifestyle–your dreams of life.

Let’s get started with the 9 steps on how to succeed:

1. Release yourself from the expectations of people close to you.

For example, what your parents, grandparents, other want you to study or do might not have the same benefits as they once did. Release yourself from the pressure when asking yourself, what should my major be or what job should I have.

2. Release yourself from the expectations of society and identify a new standard for yourself when deciding what job should I have or what should my major be.

One big contributor to the existence of expectations of “society” is the massive amounts universities spend on marketing. These marketing dollars communicate a message that a university degree is necessary to be a success in life. Sadly, many of the students who buy into this message when answering the question, what job should I have or what should I major in, also takeout out student loans and are unable to easily repay them after graduation. Society may suggest that a young man or woman should get a degree or pursue a university backed “profession” to be respected, valued, someone, etc. Release yourself from this and identify a new standard: are you on the path to realize your ever improving dreams of life?

3. Allow yourself to dream even when asking yourself, what job should I have or what should I major in.

Babies and kids dream but often because of society and rules saying you can’t do this or that we need encouragement to truly dream again. Give yourself permission to identify what for you would be your dreams of life lifestyle.

4. Now, answer the question, “How do I want each and every day to be?

5. Tap into the law of attraction.

Let’s say you go skiing and it’s a beautiful day, fresh powder snow, would you rather take the lift up or walk up the mountain. Harnessing the law of attraction is akin to taking a heated lift up the mountain. To harness the law of attraction, however, you need to expand the question with “while making the world a more fantastic place.” E.g. “How do I want each and every day to be while making the world a more fantastic place?” E.g. the law of attraction steps in when you are also focused on making the world a better place; this means you get instant access to divine inspiration, energy, strength, confidence, manifestation and more!

6. As long as it is humanly possible, accept this as your reality and go backwards to where you are.

What are the steps to have that lifestyle while making the world a more positive place? When asking what job should I have or what should I major in, a great way to start is to identify people who already have this lifestyle and see what they did. And the more you learn about their lifestyle you may even adjust yours some. In La Jolla Farms in San Diego near to UCSD, I went knocking on the doors of the nicest mansions I found. I asked the people who answered how they achieved living there. The first I remember was a doctor and she said she and her husband made good investments. The second had 10+ BMW’s, armed guards with big guns standing all around, and were speaking Spanish. Someone told me that they owned one of the biggest trucking companies in Mexico.

You can do this much easier today since the internet there is information and individuals who have accomplished practically anything and everything at your fingertips. Do as I did and contact them. I’ve gotten interviews with industry experts in various industries, and it was a lot easier than going door to door. The information you will get is priceless when deciding what job should I have.

7. Do something, evaluate the results, improve and continue forward.

It’s an ongoing process, asking “How can I make things even better?” E.g. can there be a vehicle to create your ideal lifestyle faster, easier and more enjoyably? By all means evaluate and test it out.

8. Continually visualize and mentally experience your expanding your dreams of life in more and more details.

For example, I started out with certain desires of location freedom. I was living in a green area as well as by the ocean part of the year. That expanded into having help with healthy cooking and cleaning. That expanded more and more as well in terms of other areas of my life. Now, it includes making a massive positive impact in other peoples’ lives too. Continue to add details and then visualize them in more and more detail as the more real it is for you, the faster dreams of life will manifest in your life.

9. Be thankful and share.

Be thankful for all experiences, whether they happen exactly as you initially desired or not. Often the unexpected things leapfrog you forward when you have the attitude of gratitude. And share with your friends what you are doing to inspire them more and more. Inspire them to identify their unique dreams of life. In their own unique ways this makes them realities while making the world a more and more positive place.


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