Have you been asking, what should I major in?

Have you ever felt confused or unsure or asked yourself, what should I major in, or gotten stuck on how to choose a major? Or maybe, you want to pursue something you love, but you’re unsure if it’ll pay the bills. Or maybe you feel pressured into choosing a major right now or choosing a career even though you’re still not sure. Perhaps you are feeling influenced by your parents or family yet it’s not what you most want.

How to choose a major from a different angle.

My goal today is to help you decide what should I study in for my degree – engineering, history, psychology, other.

The good news is that there is a way to solve this “dilemma” by changing the paradigm.

Instead of asking yourself what should I major in while in college or what should I study in, ask, how you want your life to be. More specifically, ask, “How do I want each and every day to be?”

I’ll repeat this as I know it may be something different than what you have heard or were thinking:

How do you want each and every day to be?

  1. Would you like to wake up and go to sleep listening to the waves of the ocean?
  2. How about travel internationally, live where you want, learn new languages, experience different cultures, and have new incredible adventures?
  3. Who do you personally want to grow to be–in new and incredible ways?
  4. Do you want to have an even greater connection on an energy level with the infinite positive energy in the universe?
  5. Would you like to play more, dance more, feel more free, and do things as you desire?
  6. Do you want to feel the incredible inner sensation of being connected with a power greater than you and that what you are doing aligns deeply with what you feel is your reason for being here?

If you’re saying, Eric, this is all really deep, then how about:

  1. Would you like to party whenever you want, with whomever you want?
  2. How about make as much money as you want?
  3. How about sleep in as late as you want and work whenever you want?
  4. Would you like to see your favorite music groups live whenever you want?

You may be thinking, that all sounds great, but how?

Continue to part 2 of video for the 9 steps.


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