10 hacks and anti-aging tips on how to look younger and slow down aging

To get the best results from the hacks, there are a couple of foundational concepts. First, the only one you are out to “compete” against is you, and you can always improve. Based on this, you are always successful when aging gracefully. Second, by addressing foundational aspects such as your energy, mindset, beliefs, etc. you naturally slow down your aging and look younger.

Hack #1: Stand Up Straighter.

Depending on your current posture, this can be an immediate make you look younger activity. Bend your knees, hip back, and extend your arms forward. Now over your head and for 10 seconds, each second, extend your arms. This will help expand your spine and make you taller. Next, stand up against the wall, pull your muscles back so that your shoulders and head are firm against the wall. Hold that position and then when you walk away from the wall, maintain the posture. If you have another person, stand up and ask them to take a profile picture before and after doing this and evaluate for yourself how much you look younger. Repeat these with utmost respect for where your body is, slowly doing more for continual improvements.

Hack #2: Have Even More Equanimity.

As the interconnectivity of the internet and technology speeds the rate of change, things exterior to us will happen. What we can control is the sense of equanimity we feel inside. The more equanimity you have inside, the more the muscles in your body relax.  Because of this, your skin looks more vibrant, your expression is more peaceful. You look younger. A great example of one of the experts of this is Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso in his 80’s is looking very good. Affirm to yourself that it’s a skill like all others and the more you practice it with a focus on self-observation and improvement, it gets better. Simple steps to do so whenever your body or the circumstances may communicate that additional tranquility, peace, and equanimity would make you feel even better:

  • Place attention on your body, relax from your head to toes. Continue doing until your entire focus is on your body, presence, and deepening relaxation.
  • Give thanks for all things small to large.
  • Send all great energy.

Hack #3: Experience What You Most Desire Already Realized.

When you have something you enjoy incredibly go as you most want, you instantly feel, move, act, and think more youthfully. The great news is that what you experience mentally causes your body to release many of the same chemicals and give you many of the same benefits as when you have it happen in the physical world.

  • Allow your body to relax even deeper now
  • Visualize yourself already experiencing what you most desire in all areas of your life
  • Identify how you would feel, move, act and think about yourself and experience these in more and more detail.

Hack #4: Get Great Sleep.

To get the best sleep, my suggestions are to not drink fluids or eat within 2-3 hours of bedtime, hide all lights and remove electronic devices, have a comfortable pillow, a comfortable bed, and when ready to sleep place your attention on each part of your body, relaxing it sequentially.

Hack #5: Be Physically Active.

Ask yourself, what physical activity do you love to do that gets you out of where you live or work and when you do it you feel positive emotions? Martial arts, boxing, dance, gym, jogging, walking in nature, swimming, etc.? Go do it and you will instantly feel, look, and act younger.

Hack #6: How to keep young skin.

I’ve tested numerous products when trying to decide how to keep young skin. While many provide benefits in the short term, I’ve stopped using a majority of them because in the long term they can cause damage to one’s skin. You and I both want things that help us now and long term. So for all suggestions I give and ones you’ve heard, google “dangers” in addition to “benefits of” and evaluate them for yourself and compare your results of after to before as each individual is different and their skin and body will react differently when it comes to to how to keep young skin. My top 5:

  • Rankines gels – why I chose? I email their founder, get answers.
  • Galvanizer – light radio currents
  • Red light – studies demonstrate proven effect
  • Platelet rich plasma – I see the benefits and studies demonstrate proven effect
  • Low cost: honey, yogurt, baking soda

Hack #7: Increase Your Passion!

Say out loud, now I mean loud, I am excited about … and insert anything. I am excited because it’s Friday! I am excited because I am alive. You notice how you likely are smiling, already feel more energized, and are radiating even more youthfulness. This is aging gracefully from a different perspective. On the inside you have tons of excellent youth contributing and feel great chemicals flowing through your body. On a deeper level, ask yourself daily what and how can what you are doing contribute to making the world a better place. In client happiness, ask how each call can help make a domino effect in the world of positivity? In sales, ask how you can positively impact everyone you come in contact with even more love? The more we have a bigger dream in life to make the world better, the more youthful we look and feel.

Hack #8: Give Yourself Great Nutrition- Anti Aging Foods. Study after study shows the accelerated aging effects of sugars, carbs, and processed foods. I’ll admit that when I was much younger, my diet was cupcakes, cakes, frosting, snickers bars, chocolates, pizza, bread, cookies, and more. If I changed with my love for these, you can too. A great way to start is asking yourself, what processed, high sugary food, high carb food could I replace with anti aging foods- a vegetable or whole fruit alternative. Start where you are comfortable and observe how you feel. Each time you do this, your entire body is literally becoming younger from the inside out.

Hack #9: Do things with people younger than you are.

If you are around people who are younger than you, then you are more likely to talk about things, think, move, and act more like them. You will simply look younger.

Hack #10: Become more self aware.

E.g. are you saying, “I am so old” or “My body isn’t like it used to be.” You can instantly replace these with “I feel younger and younger” and “My body is getting more and more youthful.” What we speak releases chemicals and contributes to a myriad of very subtle things we do, think, and say. When we start with the right mindset, you’ll look, act, and think younger instantly.


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