9 energy techniques on how to kiss that go deeper than the physical movements so that you and your partner can experience new levels of connection, euphoria, and transcendence by means of your kisses.

To start, my definition of a kiss is ideally to connect on an energy level with the desired outcome of transcending the human experience. By transcending the human experience, I mean that your and the other person’s positive energies join, glowing more radiantly together, and connect at even greater levels with the infinite positive energy in the universe. In the romantic context, you can connect with and fill with even greater positive energy of love, connection, desire, intimacy and more.

The following are the steps:

Step 1: Become even more present.

You can place your attention even more on your heartbeat, the energy in your body, consciously breathe in and out, align your inhale and exhale with that of your partner or any other method that brings you even more present. Choosing music that you both connect with and having the place be one where you both feel comfortable, safe, and present is important too.

Step 2: Connect with the infinite positive energy in the universe to feel great.

E.g. you already feel happy, fulfilled, joyous and more. You are filled to 200% and are going to share this fulfilled energy with your partner. Throughout the next steps, you will continue to enhance this connection where you are focused on giving to your partner, radiating and making them feel even more incredible connection with the infinite positive energy in the universe.

Step 3: Sit or stand facing each other, stare in each others eyes, or gaze in his or her eyes.

If their left eye or soul gazing brings you both to a greater connection do it. Feel her or his energy. From a completely present state, feel them, what they desire, what they want.

Step 4: Make physical contact.

Hands, your hands on his/her legs.

Step 5: Caress their body with your energy, allow your energy to caress their eyes, face, neck, back, body.

This is an energy caress where you are giving them pleasurable sensations with a focus on giving them pleasure 100% and your pleasure comes from their increase in pleasure.

Step 6: Allow your energy to enter their body, in areas of each chakras, and feel how they feel about you.

If they are open, guide them to do the same.

Step 7: Where you feel most drawn, caress her.

Neck, bite, tongue, blow hot air.

Step 8: Feel your energies drawn together and as your lips touch, continue your connection with the infinite positive energy in the universe while radiating the energy into her through your lips and your soul.

E.g. you are radiating this infinite energy mixed with passion into her and her soul at the same time. Visualize your energy merging with her/his, the colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, merging and dancing together. Both of your energies glowing even brighter as they merge into one.

Step 9: Model his or her kissing style.

They bite, you bite. Start slowly. Saliva little. Light brushing of lips. Deeper tongue. Greater energy radiating into her. Allow you to play with all of their lips, left to right. Top to bottom. Tugging lightly. Flowing with their intensity, their movements, techniques and learning how they most desire to be kissed in how they do to you and then do it back.


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