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Law Of Attraction: 4 Keys To Avoid Blocking The Law Of Attraction From Bringing You More, Or Worse Yet Taking What You Received

Four keys to do to keep your successes from actually blocking you from even greater things in your life as well from even going backwards.

As an illustration, let’s say you have been applying the principles taught, and the things or major item that you most desire has realized itself in your life. Maybe it is money, a relationship, an activity you did with a special someone, you won a prize or competition, or something else, specific to your unique desires. It’s positive for you and other people.

You likely feel incredible beyond what you have felt before. When you recall this event, activity or thing, you likely can do so with incredible detail, and each time you do you feel even more positive. You may relate the experience to one of a natural high, an elevated state of being, euphoria, or other related. You likely feel even happier, more energized, fulfilled, connected and a variety of other position emotions as you recall it.

If you focus too much on this new positive thing, the law of attraction will stop working as much and could even cause what you liked so much to leave you. For example, an individual attract an incredible relationship from a place of being centered and connected with the infinite positive energy in the universe, and then focus so much on other person for their happiness that the other person felt drained, and left them.

The good news is that it’s very simple to solve:

  1. First, at least once, or as you feel any stressors in your life, become present, relax your body, and see yourself connected even more and more with the infinite positive white light in the universe. 
  2. Second, Experience the top things you most desire, and how positive you would feel. Really expand these positive feelings by imagining rays of white light from the universe making you even happier, more fulfilled, with greater confidence and all of what you most want. 
  3. Third, Now when you experience this incredible event, success, experience, enjoy it safely for all it can be. Allow it to expand even more and make it even more intense. 
  4. Fourth, Acknowledge that there are even greater experiences in the infinite positive energy in the universe. Thank the universe for this incredible experience. And then return your focus, visualization, and connection with an openness for even greater positive things to the infinite positive energy in the universe.

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