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Stop Doing THESE 8 Things For The Law Of Attraction To Finally Work In Your Life

Learn the 6 things to stop doing (and what to do instead) for the Law Of Attraction To Work In Your Life

1. Impatience.

The paradox of the law of attraction is that when your mental image of what you desire is so real that your experience of what you desire is as strong (or stronger) than when you have it in the physical world, the LOA works the fastest to materialize it. This means that if you are doing, acting, visualizing or anything with the expectation that it will be here after doing so or you will be upset and say the method doesn’t work, you are blocking the LOA from working. So, have patience, and continually increase the details of your visualizations as well as the positive feelings you associate with having what you most desire.

2. Lack Of Worthiness.

Ask yourself if on the deepest level do you feel you deserve what it is you desire? To increase your deservedness, experience mentally more and more what you most desire and become even more aware of how you feel when you have it. Connect with and expand your feelings of equanimity, peace, joy, happiness and other positive emotions. E.g. when you deserve something and it happens, you accept it with a calmness, similar heart rate, and a positive experience. Condition yourself even more to expand your deservedness.

3. Lack Of Belief.

Do you believe what you desire is possible? Maybe you have a very big desire, which is fantastic. A quick way to increase your belief is to focus on the next step you do feel is 100% doable by you that brings you in the direction of your greater desire. As you focus on and accomplish each step, your belief will grow, you will make progress, as well as momentum.

4. Lack Of Action.

The LOA works the best when you combine the mental, visualization and other activities with action. I like to think of it that the universe and law of attraction will present opportunities to you exactly in line with what you most desire however you make the decision to accept it with what is minimal action, however is action on your part.

5. Internal Conflict.

Do you desire something that on a deep level is in conflict with something else? Do you desire something that you have been taught by society is something that you shouldn’t want or should want something else? Redefine your guidelines as to what is OK by asking if it is something positive for you and others. If so, it is fine. Accept that media, friends, society and the public image of people and things suggests one thing. However, only you know what is true to yourself. Connect with what you truly resonate and appreciate your uniqueness, your extremes in various areas (if you have them), and develop them. Truly the unique is what is priceless. Be yourself, don’t try to me someone else.

6. Fear Of Success.

Ask yourself, am I scared of what could happen if I were to succeed? Ask yourself what the worst could happen would be? (likely it’s not bad at all) And then ask yourself what the best that could happen is? And really expand and connect even more with these feelings. Be honest with yourself and accept the fears as normal and transform them into an even greater positive anticipation of what will come.

7. Unwillingness To Change.

If you were to observe yourself as a third person, are you trying to get different results without doing things differently? It is normal to be scared of change or hesitant. If that is your case, the suggestion is to start with easy things, in your comfort zone. E.g. even driving a different route, tasting a new flavor of ice cream, getting lunch somewhere else, or sitting in a different chair at the kitchen table. Condition yourself to make positive changes and connect with the positive feelings and experiences they bring and then expand these to more and more things in your life.

8. Impossibility.

While the LOA is incredibly powerful, ask yourself if it is humanly possible for your body to do what you desire. While on an energy level, you can still connect with the energy and mentally experience what you desire, we live in a physical world. For example, if you desire to fly without the aid of equipment, at this point in time with the Earth’s gravity as it is, this is a challenging feat. Make sure what you desire is humanly possible at this point in time.


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