How To Get Rid Of Warts

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Let’s watch this process unfold. Look – more and more immune system cells are coming into the area. Over there in the corner is the start of a wart.

The immune system cells were fed some antiviral herbs such as cat’s claw, bloodroot, Echinacea, goldenseal and garlic. They’re primed up and ready to take on any invader.

They surround the wart and begin attacking it. They’re sending substances into the wart that dissolve the wart. It’s like watching the Wicked Witch of the West melting like what happens in the Wizard of Oz.

There are other ways to dissolve the warts. You can do it via eating certain foods.

Foods like bananas, figs and pineapple contain proteolytic enzymes dissolve the warts.

Or you can use herbs like white willow bark and birch – these contain salicylic acid that helps dissolve the warts.

Essential oils also contain anti-wart virus components. Two of them are tea tree oil and celandine essential oil. Once these are right on top of the wart, the wart has no chance of living and has to give up the ghost.

Viruses reproduce by injecting their genetic information into healthy cells. The infected cells speed up their own replication then and are replicating the DNA of the viruses. It’s your immune system’s job to detect and destroy the infected cells.

Right now in your mind, get an image of the wart(s) you may have on your skin. Then imagine the immune system cells coming in and attacking them. Don’t stop the little “movie” going on in your mind until the wart is completely gone. See the skin looking brand spanking new as they say – as if it were a newborn’s beautiful skin.

Then watch liquid love roll over the area, healing it totally and restoring it energetically.

Now let’s have you create your own liquid love. Repeat after me, “I love my skin! I’m sending my love from my heart directly to my skin.  Feel the love start in your heart and then travel directly to your skin. Feel the warmth that is in your skin from the added love.

Then feel the warmth bathe all the skin cells. It feels somewhat like when you are lying on the beach and feel the sunlight from above warm you, every part of you all at once.

Let the liquid love heal and nourish your skin cells during this process. Take a few moments to “bask” in the liquid love that is being applied to your skin.

And now in your mind, zero in on your immune system cells that are patrolling your skin for warts.

Watch the macrophage cells engulf the wart virus cells that they meet. The macrophage cells take out the virus cells and remove them from your circulation.

But you’re getting more back up on eliminating these warts cells. Your circulation is delivering substances that come into contact with the warts viruses.

As soon as these substances contact the viruses, they dissolve the wart cells that have started to build up into a wart. See this process happening – the substances contact the wart cells. It’s as if the substances are like acids that dissolve all the bad wart cells. Yet the acids won’t dissolve normal skin cells.

Watch the process happen right now in your mind.

And there are other substances your circulation is delivering once they come into contact with these warts cells. These other substances are weapons – like daggers and arrows and bullets that go straight into the heart of the wart cells and kill them.

Command your body to increase these substances that go straight into the heart of the wart cells and kill them.

Now watch this happening.

Wow, it’s amazing isn’t it? Liquid love, acid like substances that dissolve viruses and the wart cells, and weapons that kill the heart of the cells. Three big ways you can actually command to get the warts virus to die and your healthy skin to return.

Take another minute to see all three of these happening right now. Do this until you don’t see ANY more wart cell viruses or warts in your mind’s eye that reflects what’s happening in your skin.

And now we’re going to do one more thing – we’re going to have you FREEZE the wart on a molecular and cellular level. Remember that whatever you think of doing – such as cooling or warming an area of your skin will essentially make it happen deep inside your body.

And you know how doctors like to use cryotherapy – freezing the wart – to kill it. Well, scientists have found that what kills the wart is the body’s immune system response that occurs after an area of the body is “frozen”.

This is why cryoablation works for killing cancer – and it has a high effectiveness rate – and it’s why doctors are now freezing fat cells around the middle as a plastic surgery technique to make them die.

So let’s get in there at the source of the problem – at the wart level and freeze it. In your mind, a ray gun just appeared in your hand. It shoots out freezing rays at wherever you aim the gun. In your mind go to the site of the wart. Look at it and get ready to aim. Then press the trigger and shoot out the freezing rays at the wart.

Are you shooting it right now? Cover the whole ray in ice as it’s frozen.

Look around you and you’ll see immune system cells coming to the rescue in greater numbers. Look – there are T cells and B cells and natural killer cells that you’ve “woken up” and they’re coming to help.

Great! Now put the gun down and take a step back. Let the wart thaw a minute. And while you’re doing this, look around in the area. Are you sure there are no other warts cropping up? If you find any more, take aim and pull the trigger. Freeze them.

Okay, now go back to the first wart. It’s already thawed and we’re going to hit it again. Ready, aim, fire! Freeze that wart solid.

Then go and get all the other little seedlings of the wart that you hit before, too.

Great! Job done! You’ve successfully frozen the warts and activated your immune system.

You also need good amounts of protein, which gives added structure to the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis.

If you have taken an herb that helps kill skin bacteria or kill fungus or viruses that attack the skin, that herb will be brought to the dermal layer via the blood supply. From the dermal layer, it will be distributed to the cells. Then the cells have a hidden weapon against those bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Command your immune system cells right now to be on the alert for every time you consume an herb or food that will help your skin. I command you cells to extract every bit of goodness from the things I consume that will help my skin.

I command you to operate in your full capacity to deliver good skin. Pretty skin. Healthy looking skin that others compliment me about.  It is done.


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