Can you really be happy alone? Read on to discover the answer.

How to be happy alone? Can it really be done? I’m going to reveal the answer to you and then give you a guided meditation to embed the concepts in your subconscious mind so that you naturally are even happier alone.

The answer depends on where you are right now.

You’re feeling bad right now.

Maybe you had a breakup, a fight with someone close to you or someone betrayed you.

If this is the case, then our first goal is to get you feeling better. E.g. we’re not going to even look at strategies on how to be happy alone. We’re going to do everything and everything to boost your state so you are out of the dark place and in the light.

Some suggestions:

  1. Move. Anyway you choose is fine. Ideally get outside and move. If you do a sport, go play it. If you like dancing, dance. Movement is a very broad term. And when you do it, your body will release a slew of positive chemicals to make you feel better.
  2. Chocolate. The darker it is the more mood boosting chemicals it has.
  3. Laugh. On YouTube there are tons of comedians and a style for everyone’s sense of humor. Studies have been done on laugh-therapy and it has been demonstrated to be effective.
  4. Meditate. Or as much as you can do to calm your mind.
  5. Get with a friend who helps cheer you up.
  6. Treat yourself to something you love.
  7. Travel. Whether to a new city or country, this is an extremely effective method of breaking old routines and associations.
  8. Get professional help.

You’re feeling OK right now.

When you’re feeling good and looking to feel even better, this is an excellent place to be.

We need to feel great alone in order to fully connect with another. E.g. the more we love ourself and enjoy being with ourselves, the more others will also. That naturally solves the issue of how to be happy alone.

Suffice to say, the more you love yourself and are happy while alone, the shorter time you will be alone. 🙂

Scientists, physicists and astronomers will likely agree that the universe is filled with an infinite or near infinite source of energy. Since all the emotions we desire to feel such as love, appreciation, connection, confidence and more are at their essence, energy, we can feel them anytime we want. To do this, we just need to connect even more with the infinite positive energy in the universe.

The best way to do this is with a guided meditation because while it’s good to know how to do this, it’s even better to feel it. And the more you repeat this meditation, for example for a few minutes before you go to sleep each night, the greater results you get.


If you are doing things that require your attention, please complete them. Then continue watching the video below for the guided meditation to help you be happy alone.



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