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Law Of Attraction Money: How Jeff Bezos Used The Law Of Attraction To Become The RIchest Man On The Planet

Have you wondered how Jeff Bezos used the law of attraction to manifest his billions?

We turn to the Jeff Bezos 1997 interview for secrets of law of attraction money. We’ll look at what he said, my interpretation of it, and how you can quickly apply similar concepts in your life.

Law Of Attraction Money

( :12 When asked what his name is and what his claim to fame is, he answers, “I am the founder of” Beyond the words, when you see his body language, facial movements and sub-communication, you see an extreme confidence and bright outlook for the future. You get the feeling that he is already visualizing and experiencing what Amazon will be (not where it was in 1997).

Takeaway: experience and visualize the things you most desire to the extent that they become your reality on the deepest level. This is a fundamental key for law of attraction money to get your the best results.

1:12 When asked about the history of Amazon, he talks about books and how you could build a store that could not exist any other way. He is leveraging the law of attraction based on asking what he can do to help improve peoples’ lives, e.g. solve a massive problem that hasn’t been resolved any other way.

3:18 He talks about launching something that actually has real value for the customer. This focus on making things better for the greatest number of people is a core tenant of law of attraction money.

Takeaway: Ask yourself what massive problems there are and how can you solve them to help the maximum number of people in better ways today and in the future.

3:04 He talks about capturing mindset of people. However, beyond the words he speaks, you get an underlying sense of joy, happiness, positive anticipation, enthusiasm, and enjoyment in the process. These are all keys for he law of attraction to work the fastest.

Takeaway: Ask yourself how much more enthusiastic you can be about where you are right now and the process you are in. In the book, “Start With Why” it talks about identifying the way, or the greater positive mission that what you do will accomplish. For example, make the world a better place. The more you connect with your why, the more enthusiasm you will have that what you are doing is making a greater positive impact and the law of attraction money will manifest faster.

5:06 Jeff Bezos talks about how this is day one and how we are moving forward in so many areas. And how this is a great time to be alive. At 11:58 ( ) he talks again in an interview in 2018 about how it is always day one.

Takeaway: focus on the process and the enthusiasm of continual growth and success. Success is not a destination but a continual process of making more and more of one’s why, one’s deeper mission and passion.

5:19 – :44 ( In a more recent interview, he talks about how he had an internal metric of how things were going. Beyond the retail numbers and economics, it is focusing on internal factors instead of, as he says, the “voting machine” of the stock market or the opinion of others.

Takeaway: focus on your own metrics toward achieving your desires while having a continual positive experience. Don’t be swayed up or down by the opinions of others.

7:45 He talks about the lotteries he has won for Amazon, and his life. He expresses a deep appreciation and gratitude, one of the keys to the law of attraction.

Takeaway: focus on expanding your gratitude. The more you do, the more you attract and manifest into your life what you desire.

11:01 He talks about how a common theme in business is that he is patient. Having patience is one of the keys to the law of attraction working the fastest. When one is patient, one has a sense of calm, confidence, joy in the moment while the things one desires, e.g. law of attraction money and all other things come to them.

In Summary

In summary, from the start, Jeff Bezos has been applying the law of attraction in terms of attracting money and all things. As he continues to do so, I’m confident his impact will grow more and more. The key benefit for you is to adopt the mindsets and foundational law of attraction money concepts that he uses so that you can benefit even more for yourself and make an even greater positive impact in the lives of others.



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