You can change your life forever. Starting Now.

I’m going to share with you 9 things that have worked astonishingly well for me for you to change your life forever.

First, Love, light, inspiration. Joy. I send you white infinite light of healing, abundance, joy, and radiance. All starts with your and my energy, joy, connection, and I desire that for you to be even greater now.

I see numerous people who want to have more, achieve more, or are radiating a special energy from within them that they have something to give to the world. A special gift. I want to help you achieve these even more. I’m excited for you. Let’s get started.

First, take responsibility. Go to a mirror. Say, I take responsibility for my life. I can change. I do change. I am capable. The past is the past. The truth is that all that we have in all areas of our life are a result of what we have done, not just today, but for many days prior. Of the things we have been thinking, pondering, our decisions, and these have lead in a cascading effect to everything we are and have today. That’s exciting because it means that we are truly in control.

When we step into the driver’s seat and we know we can steer and control our direction, the next question comes, where do we want to go.

Second, we need to decide where to go. This is exciting too because I believe there is a greater and greater spiritual awakening happening in the world. I’ll create more videos on the topic of spiritual awakening, however, a key element is as we realize that there is more than just more accumulation of things, we go deeper. And when we go deeper we see that we are all connected. And then we realize that we can simultaneously have what we want while also turning our eyes to others and making things better for them. Contributing. Giving value.

Whew… that’s deep. Can we simplify this?

Yes. 🙂

Ask yourself what you truly want in all areas of your life, write it down. Ask yourself when you are 150 years old and you look back on your life, what is going to bring the sparkle to your eyes and warmth in your heart as you recall? Even easier, start with one thing right now that you are truly passionate about that also positively impacts other people.

I love to be doing all I can and even more so know that I’m making a positive impact in the lives of others. It fills me. I do my best every day to ask how I can do this in the financial services companies, with the teams, for the teams, in the retail companies, in the health products company and here. I do the same in all areas of my life.

I write it down. I suggest the same for you. And be open to adjusting. However, start with a place. A fantastic one.

Fourth, now that we know where we want to go, are we going to have the energy to get there?

I believe there is an awakening happening more and more every day where people all around the world are realizing the importance of the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the connection to our body. We’re becoming more and more conscious that what we put in our bodies fuels us or hinders us. It opens us to inspired ideas or closes us off to them.

The biggest thing that has impacted my life was to eliminate processed grains. Flours. Pastas. Pizza. I’ll do other videos going much deeper in the subject. However, suffice it to say, the more clean and raw foods we intake, the better our mental and physical capacity will be.

Fifth, if you were to go from point A to point B and had the option of going over a mountain or through a tunnel. Mountain would be a great learning experience with sub-freezing temperatures, or nice and easy through the tunnel.

The tunnel already exists and that is divine inspiration, inspired ideas or intuition as you may call it.

What has completely transformed my life is a continual daily practice of relaxing, become present, expanding gratitude, sending great energy to others, and experiencing what I most desire. And then listening for inspired ideas. Writing them down. Allowing them to lead me.

Sixth, now that you have this cool destination, are even stronger, receiving inspired ideas, to make even faster progress toward this positive outcome, you’ll do even better as a team. This team can be your spouse, family, friends, contractors, employees, your pet and or anyone around you.

It’s massively transformed my life to listen and truly want to become better with people; better understand; listen; really feel how others feel and do my best to lead in a direction that benefits them and the mission first.

The greater you can expand your abilities with people, which start with sincere appreciation, love, and a cause that you truly live by that also positively impacts other people, the better your team will be.

And it’s always more fun to win as a team than just individually.

Seventh, as challenges come across the way, what’s transformed my life is how I look at them.

I decided to look at challenges as opportunities. Repeat that after me: Challenges are opportunities. I embrace challenges. I love them. They make me even more relatable, understanding and able to positively impact others.

Eighth, I decided to look at things I try as tests. I do marketing tests. Social tests. And so on. This radically improved my confidence since if it’s a test, whether it works or not is irrelevant. I’m successful in the test.

Ninth, it massively improved my life to stay the course. You’re doing all things right, but something happens.

Identify things that get you off course, whether it’s social media, people, TV, comparing to others, alcohol or whatever. Then be aware and either counter balance with other things or reduce it. By being aware of its effects, you’ll be taking a massive forward step to changing your life.




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