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Finding Your Purpose | How To Find Your Purpose & Live With Even More Passion

Your purpose and mission in life. You’re likely a lot closer than you may realize.

Today you are going to learn about finding your purpose in life and ultimately be given simple steps to identify it for yourself.

Before I start, I send you incredible infinite energy of joy, peace, happiness, passion, connection, and that feeling of oneness with all. Breath in and feel the infinite positive energy filling you. And feel so great.

When a person is not living their mission in life, they can have fun, but not everlasting joy. They can have moments of euphoria, but not steadfast happiness. They often live from moment to moment seeking something beyond themselves and are lacking a zest, a radiance and incredible magnetism that someone who is living their mission in life has.

When you meet the individual who is living their passion in life and has aligned it with all areas of their life, you see a person practically living each and every moment with a happiness drug. It’s not that challenges don’t happen to them, it’s that their joy and passion dissolve them.

There is an incredible awakening today with more and more people getting outside the box and living their mission, their passion in life, and making the world a much better place. The most incredible beauty is seeing this beautiful flower of passion bloom in another.

When I am living on purpose, I feel happy, joyous, inspired from beyond me, energized and this leads me to simultaneously progress the mission and continual expansion and realization of it as well as lead me to make my health and all areas of my life better. It allows me to wrap my desires for personal fun and pleasure into the umbrella of a greater cause, greater good, and the mission I feel I have for my life. It is the guiding focus of my days and if I feel myself straying from it I can quickly recognize and bring myself back to this place and regain all the positive benefits as well as bring more with me.

So let’s get started on finding your purpose.

  1. First, we have to quiet our mind to really progress on finding our purpose. Our mind is highly influenced by advertising, media, social media, our social circle, parents, upbringing, emotional moments from the past and the exterior world.
  2. Start and continually expand a practice where one is connecting with the infinite positive energy around us. For example, a meditation practice.
  3. Ask, “What is there that is beyond just more money, more things and superficial trappings or appearance of success?”
  4. Listen to your intuition. Write down the ideas. Evaluate them.
  5. Accept yourself and all aspects as well as they are not causing harm to yourself or others. Your uniqueness is fundamental to your mission.
  6. Come up with many ideas:
    1. What are things that you would do if no one was paying you to do them?
    2. What causes helping others are you passionate about?
    3. What when you do it brings you the childhood joy of being fully engaged in the process that you likely had growing up. Look back in old pictures and videos.
    4. Ask ourselves what we most want (not what our family, parents, advertisers, social media, etc. are telling us we should want)
    5. Look back on our life when we are 150+ years old. We are extremely happy and feel we have lived a life of passion and purpose. What did we do?
  7. Now try things. Meet people who are doing the things you are thinking of. And evaluate, how do you feel doing them?
  8. The feeling you have when you know it’s right is that you are passionate about it, feel incredible in the process. You feel that you are making the world a better place and that there is something greater than you guiding you. A greater power for good. When you are doing it, it will lead you to have greater success in all areas of your life, a greater balance, health, vitality and a positive vibrance.
  9. Now that you are living on your purpose even more, you need to recognize when you are off purpose, accept this and get back on purpose. Ask yourself how to incorporate things that maybe before were only for pleasure that you love into and under the umbrella of your greater mission whereby you can have the joy from them while also accomplishing this greater cause. Keep all areas in balance as improving one will have a multiplying effect on the others. Recognize what is a potential distraction, what is more appropriate for later, and what aligns perfectly with where you are right now.

This is a continual process for finding your purpose. When you have identified your initial mission, you continue to identify ways to fine tune, make it even better.

Light and love,





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