Which Acupressure Mat Will Help Me Sleep The Best, Move Pain Free & Not Hurt Me?

Scientifically Backed Benefits

You have likely heard of the acupressure mat and the scientifically backed studies of how they stimulate your body’s own healing energies. Studies demonstrate that with continual use, you can reduce pain, improve sleep, accelerate healing, and feel better by laying on the mat. In a study published in Research Gate(1), after using the acupressure mat, 98% reported pain relief, 96% reported relaxation, 94% reported improvement in the quality of sleep, and 81% reported an increase in energy levels. “Acupressure mats are effective and really help with relieving muscle tension and discomfort,” says Dr. Weiss.

Avoid Pills At All Costs

The goal is to help you rid yourself completely (or never even have to start using) of using sleeping or painkiller pills. According to WebMD, sleeping pills may cause dizziness, daytime drowsiness, burning or tingling in the hands, increased risk of car accidents, increased risk of early death and certain types of cancer. Painkillers according to Mayo Clinic can increase your risk of kidney damage and liver failure over time.

The Effect Of Poor Sleep

Some people try to just support the pain they have and accept that getting poor sleep is the best they can have. According to the NIH study (2), lack of sleep can affect your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. That means that just by solving your ability to have a wonderful night’s sleep, it could help you lose weight, improve heart health, regulate your blood pressure and ward off diabetes.

Not All Acupressure Mats Will Give You The Same Benefits

With so many different acupressure brands on the market, which is going to give you the greatest pain reduction as well as improvement in sleep the fastest? And which acupressure mats must you avoid because they could actually harm or injure you (or create energy imbalances that actually interfere with your sleep and wellbeing)?

The good news is that we’ve done the research for you. The bad news is that the stock is limited so hopefully it’ll be available when you take action.

Can you remember when you could go to bed and blissfully drift off to a sleep and naturally awaken rested and energized? With no need for coffee, Red Bull, or a nap later in the day. And when you could move, play, and do everything throughout the day with absolutely no pain? I believe that this is not only possible, but is your right, and the goal is to make it so now when you get the best acupressure mat.

Criteria For Acupressure Mat Evaluation

There are some key criteria to keep in mind when choosing an acupressure mat:

  1. Over 12,000 pointed spikes. Over the last 2000 years, acupuncture has been practised in East Asian countries to relieve a variety of illnesses and is now widely used and accepted all over the world. A key of acupressure mat treatment is to stimulate specific but poorly defined sites on or under the skin that called acupuncture points. (3) Because these points are poorly defined, to stimulate the maximum number and hence receive the greatest pain relief and sleep improvement, at least 12,000 pointed spikes is recommended.
  2. Pointed spikes. The spikes must be pointed so as to stimulate the numerous natural healing points in your body. When there is a pain, sleep or other issue with one area or organ of your body, the corresponding acupoint in your skin becomes charged with a higher energy and sensitivity. By stimulating it effectively with a pointed spike, the energy imbalances can be resolved and optimum health ensures.
  3. At least 50″ long and 18″ wide. Your thousands of acupressure points are spread from your head, throughout your body as well as are concentrated in the palms of your hands and soles of your feet. For the average height of men and women, these dimensions offer the optimum placement of one’s palms as well as soles of feet on the mat for maximum stimulation. If the mat is smaller than this, it could actually cause imbalances in your energy that could lead to worsening of the problem.
  4. Eco-Friendly Is Fine. As long as the mat is using eco-friendly plastic spikes, foam, and cotton, this is perfect. Some brands that are much more expensive advertise “organic” materials. However, unless you are going to be applying a cream to your skin or eating it, whether or not it is organic does not affect your health or wellbeing.
  5. Make Sure The Intention Is Right. Scientific studies demonstrate that energy healing methods are effective (4). Since one’s energy follows one’s thoughts, the mats and carrying bag should guide your healing with healing words as well as images. According to this study in TD(5), healing words and images contributed to the body naturally releasing the feel-great chemical, Oxytocin as well as other benefits.
  6. Include A Travel Mat. It should come with a small mat that you can place on your car seat or behind your lower back. Since most people spend a large amount of time either seated or driving, to get the maximum benefit, you should be stimulating the healing points in your lower back and upper legs for as often as possible.
  7. Include A Massage Ball. According to LifeHack (6), using a massage ball under your feet can help improve your sex life, expand circulation, reduce effects of depression and anxiety, resolve headaches, and lower blood pressure.
  8. Include A Carrying Bag. It should be easy to cary and come with a carrying bag. Most mats do not come with a carrying bag, and without one, it limits you to using it only at home. The more often you use the mat (for example, while stretching after doing yoga, exercising or even at breaks at work), the greater benefits you will have.
  9. 365-Day Guarantee. Any acupressure mat brand that truly has you as their foremost priority will offer a 365-day guarantee.

The One Mat That Meets All 9 Requirements (In Detail):

The mat has over 12,000 spikes which is double most other mats on the market. This means that you will be able to stimulate more of your thousands of healing points at simultaneously to create a more harmonized energy faster and easier. Not only does this save time, but it prevents imbalances that could result from mats with fewer spikes.

The spikes are pointed but will not break the skin, which is what you need to stimulate your healing points. Hundreds of clinical studies on the benefits of acupuncture show that it successfully treats conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems (back pain, neck pain, and others). However, very similar benefits can be obtained by using an acupressure mat with pointed spikes. Many mats on the market have dull spikes that while they feel good, offer little to no benefit. It is recommended that when using this acupressure mat, if you are very sensitive, start with clothing and slowly progress to having your skin in direct contact.

The mat is 51 inches long and 19 inches wide, which is DOUBLE every other comparable mat that I looked at. This means that instead of having to move it, or forget to use it for one part of your body (that could result in energy imbalances), you can lay on one mat, place your palms alongside your body, place the soles of your feet flat on it, and stimulate the maximum number of healing points simultaneously (7).

The mat (and accessories) are made of eco-friendly, safe and certified spikes, foam and cotton.

The words we speak guide our thoughts and our energy follows our thoughts. Studies demonstrate the power of our thoughts to heal (or exacerbate an issue) (8). This mat includes the greatest number of healing words and images with the goal to bring you the greatest state of happiness, prosperity, joy, excellent sleep and fantastic wellbeing. Most mats only had a logo with no healing or empowering words and images.

It includes a small travel mat that works perfectly under your thighs when sitting or behind your lower back (one of the most common places of pain that needs relief). Many people use it when working and sitting in a chair or on their commutes to work. This enables the greatest benefits because of the increased time as well as optimizes the use because you are using it while doing something you do daily.

It includes a massage ball. While this acupressure mat is fantastic, to get even deeper into muscles to stimulate meridians and release muscle tension, the massage ball really does the trick. The massage ball aids with myofascial release to help ease tension in muscles, ideal for athletes, at the gym, for fitness and for exercise. Most mats do not include a massage ball, and therefore one misses out on these added benefits. Customers of the mat share about how they love to use it under their feet to stimulate one of the most pressure-point rich areas of one’s body. In fact, you can stimulate the entire body by stimulating all the points in one’s feet.

It also comes with a carrying bag. Many mats have no means of carrying it and it was truly awkward and uncomfortable to try to take anywhere out of the house. This bag is large enough to easily (and beautifully) transport the big mat, travel-size mat, and massage ball. It also includes added protection for each individual item.

VitaliZEN offers a 365-day guarantee. In comparison, other mat makers kept with the Amazon 30-day guarantee. While 30 days is great for many items, for an acupressure mat, the 365-day guarantee stands head and shoulders above the rest.

How To Get The One Acupressure Mat That Meets All 9 Requirements

This one mat is the VitaliZEN acupressure mat.

Special Bonuses Thank You

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The only  bad news is that there is limited stock, so you may click on the link and find that it’s not available. Hopefully you can get one while it is.