Would you like to sell more?

Are you a salesperson, business owner, counselor or in another position where the more people you help, the more money you earn as well as impact you have?

Before I share with you the 3 secrets, let’s do a quick self evaluation.

From 1 to 10, how well do you think you are doing in sales? 1 is not very good and 10 a lot. Wherever you are, my goal is to help you 10x, 100x, or ideally make a massive improvement in your ability to sell more!

Right now, what are you earning per month from your sales activities? Would you like to earn 2x that or even 10x? Of course. And that’s what my goal is to help you do.

I have 20 plus years in sales, first in sales and now leading the call centers in 2 of the companies that I run. I’ve listened to 1000’s of sales calls and studied sales for a long time. I’ve coached salespeople to be more successful and daily help empower our sales team to help even more people.

I want you to get results and just having mental knowledge is good, but when coupled with massive action, it transforms your life!

So, what will motivate you to take action on the 3 secrets I share so that you benefit? Real quick, imagine for a moment how your life will be with 2x the money coming in with 1/2 the time.

If you want, you can see as you buy for yourself or do for others twice what you are doing right now. Plus, you can imagine as you have a lot more free time to do what you choose – whether it is to go hiking in nature, go to the beach, have more quality time with your family, travel, go shopping, relax or something else.

Wouldn’t you feel great? Wouldn’t life be so much better?

That’s our goal today.

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Tip #3 is to use the “yes ladder”

I’ve actually been doing this with you. Each time you ask a potential client a question that you know is yes, you are gaining commitment from them that they like what it is you are presenting. Additionally, through the principle of consistency, we are more likely to say “yes” again if we have already said it various times.

You get what I’m saying?

So, throughout the conversation, ask simple questions you know will have a yes answer. For example, “Wouldn’t that be great?” “This would be a great benefit, right?”

Tip #2 is tell stories to address the concerns most people have before they express them.

Most salespeople wait for someone to give an objection and then they have rebuttals to “overcome it.” The challenge is that when someone voices an objection, they are making it even more important in their mind. People are less likely to feel it was their idea even if convinced otherwise by a great rebuttal.

The solution is to identify all the possible reasons a person would not work with you. Then organize them into 3 “buckets.” The first has to do with your product or service. The second has to do with their ability to be successful at it. And the third is related to external factors – e.g. even if it works, maybe they don’t know what to do next.

Look through your 3 lists and ask yourself, what is the most important concern in each area that if it were solved would naturally reduce or eliminate the others.

Then, identify stories of other people who had similar concerns and how things were solved for them and worked out great. The goal of the stories is to take the other person on a journey where they decide on their own behalf to go with your product or service.

Tip #1 Is To Use Energy Methods

Most sales training is focused on Newtonian methods – those you can see and touch. However, we live in a Quantum Physics reality. This reality states that we are all comprised of subatomic particles and that one energy influences another. Since all you desire, e.g. sales, money, and happy clients is at their essence subatomic particles, you can influence it with energy methods.

Like any other skill, the more you do this, the more effective you’ll be.

If you’re doing anything that requires your attention, please complete it before continuing.

Start by relaxing from your head to your feet.

Then place your attention even more on the surface of your skin and the energy, aura, or feeling of it.

Notice even more your breath, coming in and even slower going out.

Give thanks for all that comes to mind in all areas of your life. And especially give thanks for every client you have spoken with, the opportunity you have, the new clients coming to you more and more, the excellent commission checks you are earning, and for the growing satisfaction of making other people’s’ lives better.

Now, imagine yourself in 30 days. You look back on the last month with an expanding gratitude. You’ve helped 10x the number of clients. You look at your commission or bonus payment with a growing smile and expanding fulfillment. You check your inbox and see email after email of thank you from clients for having helped them with your excellent product or service.

You reflect on the last month how you were in flow, had more free time than before, and felt more relaxed than ever before. You feel full of energy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Allow yourself to expand these great feelings. You feel even happier, more confident, relaxed, and fulfilled.

When I count from 3 to 1, you continue feeling these positive emotions. And your brain is now wired to continue to project this reality of 10x the sales to influence physical reality. It happens naturally while you relax and help people with attention and care.




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To your sales success,

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