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The Paradox Of Manifesting & The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction [Must Know]

Discover the paradox of manifesting and start making the law of attraction work better than ever before.

Manifesting effectively? My goal today is to help you unlock even greater results in your manifesting. My name is Eric Michael and I help people upgrade all areas of their lives with energy methods and upgrade their health with natural product through VitaliZEN.

The paradox of manifesting is that until you have 100% belief in what you desire, no amount of work, effort, or struggle will make it happen.

The definition of a paradox is that it appears to be false but upon greater examination, it is proven true.

Most people think that to manifest what they want they need to meditate better, say improved affirmations, or find the latest technique.

But they still don’t find themselves manifesting effectively.

The dark side of the law of attraction is that there are so many people who are working harder to manifest yet consistently falling short of what they desire. It is as if they are locked in the scene in Lucifer where in hell, they repeat living the same horrible fear again and again unable to escape without external help.

I’ll share with you 5 tips to solve the paradox of manifesting, starting with #5 and ending with #1, the most important.

#5 – Visualization is not a 5 minute exercise

Visualization is an activity to do all of the time. While it can start during a meditation session, each time your brain starts to interpret the events around you to affirm your old reality, you emphasize your new reality with greater intensity.

For example, a single person started visualizing their ideal mate. Then they continued throughout the day to see that person with them, in the car seat alongside, in the restaurant with them and more. They went as far as to pour water for the person, pull out the chari and see as they had a wonderful conversation with them. Within 2 days the person had appeared and they were in the same restaurant dining together.

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#4 – Meditation is who you are, not what you do

Meditation is not an activity one does, but a continual state of connection with infinite energy in the universe. We live in an energy reality where all is energy. The more we live in the energy reality, we become the influencer, tapping into an infinite number of possibilities. Most people, however, live only in the physical reality, which operates according to Newtonian laws with very limited possibilities.

For example, an individual who had been “practicing” manifesting and the law of attraction for years with very up and down results started to do one thing differently. He recognized that at our essence we and all we desire are white light of infinite energy and possibility. So he expanded his meditation practice to every minute of every day, seeing white light all around him, through him, and consciously placing his awareness on the infinite energy. Within days, things he had desired for years started to appear in his life with such naturalness and relaxation he was amazed.

#3 – You deserve to have all you want

Most people are blocking manifesting because they have even .01% lack of worthiness. You are 100% worthy just by being you to have all you desire.

#2 – Social media and Pokemon

Each time you engage in social media or pokemon, you are placing your attention on the physical reality and losing your connection with the energy world. In addition, electronic devices disrupt your vibrational field. I suggest grounding products which are available at VitaliZEN to help combat this. Unless addressed, it’ll block your ability to manifest effectively.

#1 – Living in duality is a must

We live in a physical reality which operates according to newtonian laws. This is the world of large objects like people, houses and cars. There are limited possibilities and 10x progress requires 10x or more work. Simultaneously we live in a quantum reality where time and space can be folded, exponential results are the norm, and you can influence reality. The more a person lives in the newtonian reality and only focus on things they can see and touch, they are dissolving the infinite number of possibilities into just one – the reality of yesterday. And that is why their tomorrows are so similar to the prior day and things never really change how they want.

The solution is to develop your skill with energy methods, where you learn to perceive, influence, and tap into the energy nature of all things. You start to operate in quantum reality and influence reality with a 100% belief that what you desire is one of the infinite possibilities and that you are already living it.

And when you do, the art of manifesting what you desire becomes as second nature as taking a deep breath, feeling your cells fill with life giving oxygen and then slowly exhaling, relaxing and feeling even greater.

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To your success,

Eric Michael




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