Want to see auras and sense the energy of others? Do this!

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There are three keys to start to sense auras and the energy of people and things. I’ll start with #3 and complete with #1, the most important. Then I’ll wrap up with tips on using this expanded sense to manifest more abundance in your life.

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Key #3: You have the ability to perceive auras and energy.

Accept and acknowledge that you, right now, already have this ability. You don’t need to study for years, attend a course, go to India, study under a guru, or get any certification.

Key #2: Trust yourself

We are taught in school, by society and through traditional education to trust in what we can touch and see with our traditional vision sense.

This leads many people to discredit or not believe in what they are actually experiencing. E.g. you may already be noticing energy fields, auras, light/dark energy, spirits, etc. from people or things. Yet, your belief system may be shutting down the expansion on these perceptions by sending you the message that they really don’t exist.

Next time you see, feel, or sense something beyond what you can touch or see with your eyes, accept it as real.

It is real because we live in a dual reality of big objects such as our bodies, which operate according to Newtonian laws. And, we simultaneously live in an energy reality which operates according to Quantum laws.

One thing you can do is, as you notice things about people, confirm with them your perceptions. This will help you calibrate your perceptions to what they mean. It will also, as you start to see your intuition being accurate, build greater belief and trust in yourself.

The more you trust your expanded observations, the greater your ability to merge the quantum reality with the physical one.

Step #1: Start with your imagination

Begin by asking yourself, “If I could sense the aura of …, what would it look like?”

“Would it be white, blue, red, black, grey, or another color?”

“If I could sense the energy meridians of the person, what would the flow be? Would it be even or blocked in certain ways? Could I make the energy flow even more even?”

“If I could see the energy field of each and every cell in the body, how radiant of light would each be?”

“If I could sense the light or aura around the other person, would it be light or dark? And what does the dark energy represent? If I radiate white light into their darker energy, can I fill them with white light?”

It is like you are opening a door of expanded awareness and perception. And your imagination is the key. This allows you to open the door and step through.

Using Your Expanded Awareness To Attract Abundance

The ability to sense auras is likely because of a deeper desire. That desire may be to connect better with others, heal others, understand the dual reality around you, manifest more effectively, or something else.

Remember the same 3 keys. First, you deserve to have all you desire right now as you are. Second, trust your intuition. If you desire it, it is for a reason and you should have whatever it is. And finally, start with your imagination – ask, “What if I had…” or even better, start to imagine ALREADY having all you desire.

The more you do these, the faster you will see your desires manifesting in the physical world.

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