Would you like to be able to breathe your way into manifesting what you want? Then do this.

My name is Eric Michael and I help people expand their lives with the Power Life System and sleep better, reduce pain, and live longer with VitaliZEN.

I’m going to share with you a simple breathing technique that when you do it is going to have some incredible benefits.

Before we start, let’s do a quick self-analysis. So, answer the question,  “How well are you attracting your desires into your life right now? 

One is that you feel really really blocked and 10 is that everything that you most desire manifests into your life practically instantly.

My goal today is to help improve things, regardless of how you answered. There is always a next level.

When we talk about breathing, most scientists and natural health practices agree that we are not breathing as effectively as we could be.

Most people are breathing too shallow. Others are holding their breath when they should be fluidly breathing in and out. One of the negative results from this is not getting enough oxygen.

And even more importantly, this type of breathing blocks one from tapping into the infinite energy around them.

The reason why we need to connect with the infinite positive energy around us is because this is the power that fuels our ability to manifest our desires.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to work a little and get incredible results from it? Yes of course! That would be great.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to do a relatively small amount of physical activity yet see rapid positive changes in your health and body? Yes! That would be fantastic.

I’m going to share with you a breathing technique that is designed to oxygenate your body, connect you even more with this infinite positive energy around you, and help you manifest even more effectively.

My goal is that by practicing this technique, you will feel better, more energized, and have more of the things that you want.

Start by visualizing as you inhale through your nose, that you are inhaling through the top of your head or your crown chakra.

Imagine as a radiant white light descends from he heavens into the top of your head. This white light represents an infinite amount of positive abundance in all things you desire – love, health, wealth, prosperity, confidence, happiness and more!

As you inhale, continue seeing as this white radiant light enters through the top of your skull and enters your head.

Touch your tongue behind your teeth to create a pathway for the energy to continue flowing down the front of your body.

As the energy passes your abdominal region, tighten your pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle, or the muscle you use to stop urinating to draw the energy toward your back area.

As you do, draw the energy toward your spine by clenching your anus.

Start to slowly exhale through your mouth.

As you do this you’re going to imagine this white light flowing up your spinal cord and back up to your head.

Place your attention on the energy within your body and on that radiating around you in your auric field. Ask yourself if it is pure white.

If there are areas that are dark or grey, guide the infinite white light to them so that within and around your body is a pure white light.

If you would like to energize yourself in a general fashion, imagine as the radiant light expands into each and every cell and part of your body from your head to your toes. Then allow the intensity of the light to increase even more, causing you to glow brighter and more intensely.

If you would like to accelerate healing in a specific part of your body, you can imagine as the white light flows to that body part. For example if your knee hurt now you can draw and direct this energy to your knee. Visualize as the body part is bathed in a white vibrant light and the cells, tissues and function are perfect.

Alternatively, you can also positively impact others by visualizing the energy flowing to them as it provides everything they need. And the more you send or give energy to others, the more you fill with infinite positive light from the universe.

To start, you can repeat this breathing technique for 10 in and out repetitions.

You have just accomplished various things.

You’re influencing positive energy in the universe. You are also learning to move it through your body. You’re using it to dissolve dark energy which releases blocks and helps you manifest effectively. And you’re using it to accelerate healing.

Finally, and most importantly, the more you are in this state of feeling 100% from the infinite energy in the universe, you naturally manifest your desires.

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