Often, because of lack of knowledge and techniques, a spiritual awakening is seen as difficult, confusing and frustrating. 

I’ll share with you the 5 phases of spiritual awakening and techniques to manage the challenges of each and to move to the next. This will help you be able to relax, enjoy, and feel better as you go through the incredible awakening process.

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As we look at the phases, please keep in mind that they may be slightly different or in a changed order for you. These are the phases I have gone through and ones I commonly find in clients and students. 

Phase 1: Slumber or darkness

Most people are not aware of their incredible spiritual potential. If a person is not aware, but living a positive life for themselves and others, we would term the phase being one of slumber for them. They are doing ok, but could awaken to something incredibly greater.

By being in a state of slumber, it makes one more susceptible to negative, dark, dense, and low vibration energies. These could come from the people around them, society, economic drivers, seeking pleasure without regard for the negative, seeking approval from others, decisions from a low vibrational state, not being connected with one’s highest purpose, energy vampires, or similar.

For those who have been affected by negative energy, not only are they disconnected from the light, they are in.a downward spiral of problems, bad karma, and destruction for themselves and others. For them, this is a stage of darkness.

If you think that you might have been in this darkness phase, I encourage you to watch the video on releasing from past karma – the link is in the description.

The time for this phase is extremely variable. It could be lifetimes, months or years.

Phase 2: Awakening

One was sleeping and now is awakening to the spiritual energetic world within and around. It’s like going to an amusement park for the first time – everywhere one turns there is something new and exciting. When a person first starts a spiritual practice, there is a lot of excitement and a naivety that all is now perfect. For example, a person starts yoga, meditation, breath work or mantras and is certain their life is now going to be perfect. 

This awakening can happen in various manners.

1. A challenge. When things are not going well, we tend to be less influenced by our egos which say we can handle it, and open to something more. Hitting rock bottom sometimes is the best thing possible because we realize that we can’t all on our own. That opens our eyes, or wakes us up to the incredible power within and around us and our spiritual awakening starts.

2. Meditation (or similar practice). Through an extended process of developing energy skills, one taps into continually greater expanded states of consciousness. The most effective is when you have a guide to help you as not all meditations give the same results. As a starting point for beginners, there is link to a meditation video in the description.

Transmuting your sexual energy. Sexual energy is like the power of the big bang – it creates. And when guided it can help you awaken. The concept is to use all experiences, even intimacy, as a way to further expand your consciousness and awaken. If this is of interest, there is a video on the topic with the link in the description. 

Spontaneous – Some just wake up one day. While these may be without effort from a physical world perspective, on an energetic level there is likely a lot going on behind the scenes.

As you are in this phase, you start to access your spiritual energetic powers of inspired ideas from beyond, see synchronicities and influence the world around you.

The time for this phase could be months to years.

Phase 3: The battle

While in the prior phase, all could be the color of roses, and in one’s naivety, that all is now perfect, this phase is one of challenges. It’s like you are an incredible statue and now the rough edges need to be polished off. And for many people, they created a lot of negative past karma from their days in this life or potentially past when they were asleep or in darkness.

This phase is the battle because the forces of light are essentially in combat with the dark energies still in your energy field. These energies could be in your body, organs, auric field or as part of energy bonds with others who want you how you were before. Like coming home after a day hiking in the rain, you need to clean off all the mud, dirt, and grime to be fresh and clean.

When I was going through this phase, issue after issue came up. But in retrospect, all of them originated before my awakening when I was in a much lower vibrational state. I experienced some of the lowest points in my life as I fought to solve them – and was successful. I grew in the process and started to clean bad prior karma.

You may notice that in the midst of challenges, you have moments of calm, of connecting with her higher purpose and of touching on nirvana or enlightenment. These tastes of what is to come help motivate you, but until you finish the battle 100% triumphantly, you are not yet in those phases.

The battle is against many things:

1. Your ego – and thinking that you can do it with your limited physical body (instead of seeking to expand your infinite spiritual soul).

2. Negative karma – the issues that originated prior to your awakening must be resolved. Most of them will manifest in the form of problems that can be mildly to incredibly uncomfortable. You resolve them, not to get something, but because you are now a spiritual person filled with the light of love. You come with compassion, fairness, confidence, understanding, and persistence to solve the issues in the best way possible for all.

3. Rough edges in yourself – unfounded anger, impatience, resistance to dialog, prejudice, shame, fear, and more are all internal things needing to be transmuted for your awakening to continue. 

You may notice that because of the challenges of this phase, you are forced to go within. This helps you strengthen your spiritual energetic powers of receiving inspired ideas from beyond you, causing synchronicities and influencing things on an energetic level.

The time for this phase could be months to years.

Phase 4: The calm or final trial

After the battle, there is generally a period of peace and prosperity. Progress is consistent, you feel good, and you notice that your spiritual practices are much easier. You feel lighter, freed, and on the right path. You might start to have ideas that are in the direction of your highest self that you are directing your attention towards. The quality of people who you attract is much more in line with your higher vibration. 

For many this phase is one calm – of peace, prosperity, and continual forward progress. They continue to practice and further develop their spiritual energy powers of receiving inspired ideas from beyond, causing synchronicities and influencing events in positive ways. Joy expands, and instead of being the naive joy from awakening, now it is more grounded, strong, and powerful. It’s the difference between child-like excitement and experienced wisdom.

Yet, for others, this is a phase of final trials because unresolved issues from the past pop up. Things that weren’t solved in the battle to 100%, or that were missed because they were suppressed so deeply rise to the surface. It’s like there are a few rebels who still want to fight for the old way of doing things and instead of focusing on growth, one has to return to battle once again. Or, new situations that arise reveal aspects of your personality that need to be refined – things you thought you had solved still need attention and the internal battle returns. 

Yet this time, you are more experienced, and confident, and the battle to solve the final issues is usually shorter, easier and more fulfilling.

This phase could be months to years.

Phase 5: Your highest purpose

In this phase, you connect with the purpose of your highest self. For many, the prior phases have removed the masks and walls keeping their purpose from them – and now it is clear. 

Instead of living for yourself subject to the whims of everything around you, like a boat lost in the ocean in the midst of a storm, you are focusing on a solid point of something greater than you. It inspires you and fills you with greater and greater fulfillment. Your spiritual energy powers amplify more and more as your spirit guides steer you to even more magnificent results.

Your vibration is high and you’re no longer a vibrational match for the problems that plagued you before. Your past karma has been cleaned and you are a being of light.

There will still be worldly distractions seeking to take you off course – they’re like the sirens, in Greek mythology, who lured sailors to destruction by the sweetness of their songs.  And if you listen to them, you may find yourself back in the phase of the battle. But each time, you’ll come out stronger, more capable to progress toward your highest purpose. 

This phase is years to lifetimes.

What techniques can help you ascend?

While there may be some people who identify their mission and live in the state of purpose easily, and naturally, for most, the phases of spiritual awakening is a new and challenging process. These are some tips to make it faster, easier, and to ascend to the next more positive and evolved state easier.

1. Consistently develop your energy skills. Just like a professional fighter trains every day before getting in the ring, you need to do the same. One way is through the 5-step meditation for beginners that’s linked in the description. No matter how dark things look, consistently do this 3 times per day. The stronger your energy abilities, the easier you can combat any issues for positive solutions. And, the higher your vibration the less you’ll be a vibrational match for dense and low vibration problems.

2. Keep the phases in mind. When you are going through a challenge and understand that this is to make you a better person, learn, and develop so that you can live your purpose and better positively impact others from your mission, it’s much easier. Knowing the why and that there is something better gives you inspiration and hope. And these are very powerful.

3. Care for your energetic system in all ways possible. The foods you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, and the nature you are in contact with all impact your energy system. Eat nutritious foods. Drink clean purified water. Breathe clean air, and get out into nature, walking barefoot and in physical contact with trees. These all raise your vibrations as well as harmonize with the powerful energies of nature to make your spiritual awakening process much easier.

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