About Us

Hi, my name is Eric and a pleasure to meet you.

If you are here and reading this, I’ll assume you are a professional, business owner, or entrepreneur.

Congratulations because you’ve chosen a path that can have a fantastic positive impact financially in your life and a great influence (positive) in the lives of others.

As a fellow entrepreneur (information products, software, financial services companies, retail, and more), I have personally experienced that money does not bring happiness. However, it definitely gives more options 😉

However, to be able to enjoy these options (travel, recreation, hobbies, passions, dating and more), you need to be in great shape physically, mentally and spiritually (however you define it).

E.g. if you are overweight, people will react to you differently than when you are in great shape, thereby reducing your life experience. People do (unfortunately) make fun of people who are fatties and admire those who are slim and fit. Activities such as hiking, making incredible love, adventure sports and more can be severely limited by one’s physical capabilities. If one is stressed, it does not matter how much money is in the bank; they can’t enjoy anything.

To solve these issues, I found myself consistently modifying the exercises, diets, supplements, meditation programs, and more that I saw provided by younger people (or non-professionals / non-entrepreneurs). I also found that they left out very critical anti-aging activities.

My journey started when I was 28. Today, I am 45.

My body, mind, and spirit are better than they were 17 years ago and that is what I want for you.

This site is dedicated to you as a successful entrepreneur or professional (likely with already great results in the financial area) to be able to have the most incredible life experience by having the body of your 20’s again with the money you have today.

To your peak body and mind,