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5 Hacks For Stress Relief – Meditation, Healing Therapy, Sleep, Yoga – Release Unconscious Blockages, Tension, Fear

Needing Stress Relief? Release Unconscious Blockages, Tension, Fear And Have Greater Equanimity

How do you reduce or get rid of stress? How do you transform stressful energy into one of meditation, healing, restful sleep, or enjoy even more centering activities such as yoga?

Self Analysis

Let’s start out by doing a quick self analysis. Rank the following questions from 1, being a little to 10, being a lot.

  1. How much peace of mind do you have regarding the things you desire to accomplish, the next step, with an inner confidence that all is going to go great.
  2. How much do you find yourself happily in the moment while at the same time knowing exactly where you desire to go, knowing you are flowing forward, with complete presence?
  3. When you place your attention even more on your body, how much do you feel relaxed, and as if you were flowing over a beautiful smooth ocean wave?
  4. When you place your attention even more on the people close to you, e.g. your partner, children, etc., how much you notice that they are even more relaxed, present and happy with you?
  5. Ask people who are around you, e.g. coworkers, close friends, children, etc. how relaxed, happy, present, and flowing you appear on a similar 1, least to 10 being most scale.
  6. How much do you find yourself drawn even more to nutrient rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods?

Well done on completing the self-analysis. The ideal score would be 60. If you have that score, still keep watching the video so that you can make things even better. And, you are a winner and champion because by doing the self analysis you have done the most important first step, identify where you are so that we can take the next best step to bring you to where you most want to be.

The following are the hacks:

Hack #1: Connect Even More With Infinite Positive Energy

One of the biggest underlying causes of stress is the dependence on external factors to feel good and relaxed. E.g. someone may think that if they get the raise, they’ll be able to have equanimity, if someone returns their call they can relax, or if they accomplish something, they can finally take time to “smell the roses.”

The more you connect with an infinite source of equanimity and positive energy, the more your stress will reduced.

These are the steps:

  • Be even more present and connected with the infinite positive energy in the universe.
  • Relax your body even deeper from your head to your toes.
  • Give thanks for everything in all sizes.
  • Send great energy to those closest to you expanding more and more to all the beings in the universe.
  • Experience the things you most desire and connect even more with the wonderful positive feelings of having accomplished them. This will help you be even more present, have greater clarity of mind and reduce or even eliminate your feelings of stress.

Hack #2: Eat Foods That Bring Greater Equanimity

What we eat directly influences the chemicals and hormones in our body. And these directly affect how you will feel. E.g. whether you feel happy, joyous, at peace and with equanimity or nervous, stressed, upset, or similar, depend a lot on the foods you eat as well as the beverages you drink.

The steps to get even greater stress relief

  • Look at what you are eating and drinking. The more you can shift from things that stimulate your body such as sugary foods, drinks or caffeinated beverages, the more you will feel calm and present.
  • Start with the easiest adjustment, observe, and allow your success to build momentum to make more and more adjustments. For example, an apple instead of a sugary breakfast cereal.
  • The more you eat raw, whole foods focused primarily on fruits, vegetables and legumes, the steadier your blood sugar level will be and the more you will feel present, centered, calm, and relaxed, naturally.

Hack #3: Identify And Do The Core Foundational Habits First

Many people feel stressed because they are failing to do core foundational activities that are the most important for them. For example, for Nancy, a daily time to read the Bible and pray is a foundational core activity that is important for her to do daily. However, when she had many things to do at work, she rationalized that she would do this prayer time after she was done with work. As a result, she felt very stressed. When she prioritized the prayer time for her, she found she got more done at work faster and easier as well as felt greater equanimity.

The core foundational habits will be unique to you, so follow these steps:

  • Identify the couple of core foundational habits that for you are essential to do each day. E.g. for me, exercise, writing/videos contribution, seeing the businesses going great, connection with those closest to me, etc. are core things that when I do them, bring me a lot of peace. The more I do them first in the day, the more peaceful and easier all else goes during the day.
  • Test out for yourself some things that are really important on a core level to you and do them first thing. You can even get up earlier to accomplish them.
  • And observe how you feel, ideally more relaxed, present, and happy.

Hack #4: Prioritize

A major reason many people feel stressed is because they perceive that they have too many things to do. You may have heard the concept of a deer in the headlights that is frozen and unable to go in any direction. The same thing stress results can result if one is looking at many more things than can be done in the time available, unsure of where to start.

To prioritize, do these steps:

  • Get all the things you want or think you need to do in front of you by writing them down. Write everything and anything. Identify time for the things you must do like eat, sleep, other responsibilities.
  • Be realistic about how long each will require and prioritize the most important and urgent things likely to get you the best positive results with time left over for flexibility.
  • And only focus on one thing at a time, the most important and urgent, continue and do the next and so on.

By focusing, prioritizing, and doing the most urgent and important first you may even find that other smaller things solve themselves and you feel even more at peace, relaxed and calm while flowing forward!

Hack #5: Evaluate A Paradigm Shift

If you have done the previous hacks and still need stress relief, it could be that you could benefit for a complete shift in what you are doing. E.g. perhaps identifying, focusing on, and creating a new lifestyle would result in the incredible equanimity, joy, and happiness you most desire.

Do the following steps:

  • In Stephen Covey’s book, 7 habits of highly successful people, he talks about climbing the ladder only to realize that it’s the wrong wall, or wrong forest. Start out by asking yourself how would each day be and what would be things you would like to do on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Allow yourself to dream. Anything is possible now. For example, wake up in the morning looking at the ocean, have fresh fruit and raw foods for breakfast. Play with your kids in the swimming pool. Exercise. And then get a massage. Once a week go out with your close friends to a chique place and dance. Detail this for YOU.
  • Then ask the question of “How could I make this my reality?” and allow yourself to get ideas from youtube, google, and the universe. For example, a successful bar and club architect in New York decided to move to Tolum Mexico to live and create a beach front hotel. He is loving life, much more relaxed and living on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Another couple working 50+ hours each with successful chiropractic clinics moved to Costa Rica. They lost considerable weight and look many years younger. The world is much more connected and your ideal day of love, life, and enjoyment could be waiting for you.
  • The final step is, in the time you have available, make steps forward, evaluating, testing, researching and doing with a focus on your desired stress-free life.

To your health,

Eric Michael


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