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Raise Your Vibration INSTANTLY And Increase Your Energy Frequency | Law of Attraction

Raise Your Vibration Instantly With These 4 Energy & Law Of Attraction Hacks

Do you question how to use the law of attraction? Are you using the law of attraction, only to find that for some things and sometimes it works much better than others. Sometimes you flow and others it’s as if there is no progress at all. You may need to raise your vibration because of your vibrations and energy frequency actually blocking the law of attraction from working fully for you.

Raise Your Vibration Self-Analysis

Prior to revealing, let’s do a quick self analysis. How often do you find that the things you most desire quickly and easily realize themselves into your life from 1 to 10? 1 being a little and 10 a lot. My goal is to help you to see self improvement in this number.

Why Most People Feel Blocked

I’ll share with you techniques to do this momentarily. However, let’s first understand why so many people feel blocked and challenged at reconciling different aspects of their personality. The main reason is because of social pressure of society. Many years ago, when we lived in small groups, if the group didn’t accept us, it could affect our livelihood.

However, today, with ease of travel and communication, there are many groups that would love to have you as a member. Yet, we still have this sense that if we are female and don’t fit standards we are failing. And for men, if we don’t dress, act, behave, etc. the same will happen. It’s can be as strong as a physical pain from thinking we don’t fit in.

Yet, when we look below the surface, for example, in interest groups on the internet, we begin to discover that there are hundreds, maybe thousands with similar interests.  Many times we are looking to others, who are insecure in themselves, for an approval. When we start to embrace more, even all aspects of ourselves and accept ourselves, and no longer look for their approval. We begin to be happier. We also find that all flows easier and faster with the loa.

4 hacks to raise your vibration: secret of success

Hack #1: Accept yourself completely

The way to raise your vibration and energy frequency instantly is to completely accept the areas of your life that before you felt were opposing each other.

To do this, start by being really be honest with yourself and identify the parts of you that you feel are contradictory. E.g. where you feel you should only be one or the other and where one needs to be suppressed or removed from your system. This is a secret of success. For example maybe you are a big bodybuilder or play football and yet you also like to dance ballet. Or maybe you are a woman you’re very expressive caring. However, you like to share that with other people and at the same time you also very conservative loyal and very business like.


The contradictions in your personality are likely some of your greatest strengths when reconciled. E.g. the football player who also does ballet develops the balance, flexibility and footwork to outmaneuver other players. The woman who embraces both sides is happier, more inspired, more relaxed, and accomplishes even more in her professional career.

Once you identify these seeming contradictions, accept them completely.

To illustrate the benefits, a young mother at first was blocked from having the law of attraction in her life when she felt she should only be a mother. She had to suppress her creative/fantasy side. She was able to affirm that she could excel in both areas and embraced both sides in an appropriate and separate manner. All areas of her life started flourishing and the law of attraction started working even more for her.

Another student felt unattractive, but yet was social and loved connecting with other people. She accepted her appearance without any judgment. She loved to make others feel even more positive and started interacting with other people in social gatherings. Her mindset was what could she do to make them even happier. People loved her and connected on a much deeper level with her than her appearance.

Hack #2: Be 100% positive of others

Likely you are already this way, however, some people whisper to their friends or to themselves critiques of others. E.g. “that person is fat”, “look how they walk funny,” or similar. Stop doing this completely. You will find that you raise your vibration instantly and the law of attraction work even better for you. This action is an automatic self improvement for yourself.

Hack #3: Affirm your self acceptance

Think and affirm, “I am this AND this AND that and I love and completely accept all of myself.” Recognize that these unique qualities when combined make you special. They allow you to have an even more incredible life as well as to make an even more positive impact in the world. The more you affirm, you also will find your vibrations increase.

Hack #4: Develop your deepest passions

Develop your deepest passions (that you now accept as AND). This can be learning, research, joining groups, talking with people about the areas, or connecting with people with similar interests. For example as you know meditation help hearing energy all of these are things up for me are really important. So, often when I meet someone new, I talk about energy or meditation and see what response I feel. Often, I find that there is an instant connection. It can seem as if we had known each other for a long time. This results in incredible experiences as well as inspiration of ideas and new expanding directions and concepts. The more I do this, the more I raise my vibrations.

To your success,