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10 Hacks To DOUBLE Your Daily Productivity INSTANTLY! | Get A Lot More Done In A Day While Having More Fun

10 hacks to double (or more) your daily productivity as well as get a lot more done in a day while having more fun!

There are two fundamental concepts to get the best results.

FIRST, have an open mind to the hacks I provide to test them out for yourself with complete faith that they will give you great results.

SECOND, understand that the best way to have massive breakthroughs is to address the underlying cause, and that many of the hacks do this.

Hack #1: Boost your productivity by starting the day with a clear mind, present, with clarity and the ability to think the best.  

Do this when you wake up first thing in the morning. Close your eyes or keep open as fast as you are ready to relax even deeper now. Place your attention on your body from your head to your feet allowing each part to relax even deeper while the prior parts relax even more deeply. Continue doing this until your entire focus is on your body and you are completely present. You may also notice that it’s easier to concentrate on one thing at a time and that you are thinking much clearer as well as feeling calmer and happier.

Hack #2: Boost your productivity by giving your body and mind the nutrients to perform at their peak.

This is by having a low carb breakfast. For example, eggs, cheese, and a veggie smoothie. The more you eliminate processed foods such as bread, cookies, etc. and high sugary foods like fruit juices, or stimulants, the better your brain will function and your productivity will massively increase.

Hack #3: Prioritize your activities to maximize your productivity.

First, identify all the things that you have pending. Then prioritize them by time/money investment vs. potential gain or solving a potential risk. E.g. item A has a potential for gain of $500, would require an investment of 1-2 hours. Item B is a risk and if you solve it, it has a potential to keep from losing $1,000 and would require an investment of 1-2 hours. B would go first and then A and so on based on a similar risk solving vs. benefit evaluation.

Hack #4: Boost your productivity even more by effectively delegating.

First, prioritize the things that would give you the best return or avoid a risk as we did in Hack #3. Then, delegate to people who have the skillset to do them. When you delegate to get the best increase in your productivity make sure: a) person understands and is on board with your mission, e.g. to help more people, b) person understand goal of activity and has flexibility in the how to, c) you have instructions in writing and/or video for a suggested process, d) give a mini quiz to make sure it’s clear, e) there is a due date to give accountability

Hack #5: Focus to maximize your productivity.

Studies show that multitasking increases stress and degrades performance. So put aside your cell phone, social media or any other distraction. Finish what you are doing, relax and then come back.

Hack #6: Increase your productivity by tapping into a power greater than yourself.

When you Identifying the greater mission with regards to what you do, e.g. help millions of people improve their lives, you tap into the infinite positive energy in the universe to make it happen. Also, you gain more enthusiasm, others are more passionate and your results skyrocket.

Hack #7: Boost your productivity by increasing your happiness and having something fun to look forward to.

When you are happy and/or looking forward to something really fun, you get a lot more done in less time.

Hack #8: Use a productivity tool or software to boost your productivity.

We use bitrix24 for task management, delegation, collaboration and have seen an incredible productivity boost.

Hack #9: Empower others to do what you are doing to get even greater productivity boosts.

Share what is working best for you with your coworkers, teammates, and others so they do the same and together you boost overall productivity even more.

Hack #10: Increase your self awareness to further boost your productivity.

E.g. if you hear yourself saying you “don’t have time” or “have too much work” to try something new, immediately pause and ask, “How can I get more done” or “How can I make more time?” and test out these hacks or test out others. There is a solution when you have faith, test out new things and continually improve.