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5 Things To Stop Doing To Transmute Your Sexual Energy To Manifest Wealth, Health, Love & All Your Desires

Want to discover what 99% of people will never know about using their sexual energy to attract the things they most desire? Then you need to know and do this.

My name is Eric and I help people unlock new levels of success in their lives through the Power Life System, as well as sleep better, relieve pain and look better with vitaliZEN.

This morning I was watching a preview video from Jon And Missy Butcher, the founders of Life Book and the creators of a new training called section 13. They talked about how they’ve explored the subcultures of fetish, BDSM, power exchange, and so on in order to create their billions in wealth, excellent health, and life abundance.

So I’d like to share with you in a simplified form how to stop blocking yourself from harnessing this energy so that you can create the life that you most desire faster and easier than ever before.

What I will not be doing is talking about specific practices, positions or techniques. That, in my opinion is irrelevant and distracting. These are just a means to the end goal of transcendence.

Let’s talk about this incredible life force energy. This is the power that drives creation. When we refer to Genesis, this force of creation is the most powerful force in nature. This is akin to the force of the Big Bang because it is what creates everything.

It is the power that transforms a sperm and an egg into an embryo and then into a human being. Incredible, isn’t it? Yes, very much so.

You have at your fingertips this energy of creation. And as Wayne Dyer talks about, you can be the “co-creator” of your world. However, you need to stop blocking yourself first.

Let’s talk about some of the things that people do wrong so you can avoid them.

1) The first thing people do wrong is they go into intimacy to get. On a surface level this sounds completely normal because so many people do it, but it’s blocking one from attracting what one wants in life in numerous ways.

Anytime one goes to get something they are affirming to the universe that they don’t have and the universe will give them more lack. What it is also doing is creating a dynamic where they’re sucking energy from the other person.

This is very mistaken because one’s true power comes from the infinite energy in the universe. Each partner needs to arrive already feeling 100%, radiating a white light of infinite positivity, seeking to give. Then, when they join, they can naturally combine their energies to connect at infinitely greater levels with the source of creation in the universe.

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2) The second big mistake that people make is that they allow their desires to overtake the intention for consciousness expansion. I know how incredibly powerful and enticing different types of activities can be.

However, when one focuses more on the activity and that rush they get from it instead of having the purpose of it be one of spiritual expansion through the activity then what is blocking oneself from attracting abundance in one’s life.

3) Third, another mistake is that that people focus excessive energies on getting a mate. What an individual is to be focused on is their mission in life first, which is centered around positively impacting the world and/or other people.

Then they allow their intimacy area to lead them to a greater connection with the infinite power in the universe for expansion of consciousness as well as realization of their greater positive mission.

4) The next mistake that people make is they repeat the same types of things that they’re been doing again and again. A lot of time this is because they are scared to say what they really want. Other times, they have not dared to dream. So they go into intimacy and they’re not pushing their limits or allowing themselves to fully connect with the infinite energy in the universe. When one goes into intimacy like that, they’re blocking themselves from the true deepest connection with the other person as well as from the universe.

Always be looking to expand your boundaries. Keep in mind that the infinite energy in the universe is just that – it’s unlimited. The variations, creativity, and types of things you can do in the intimate area are infinite too. And when you treat them as such, it allows you to connect even more with this infinite positive energy in the universe and transmute that for incredible life abundance, prosperity and health.

5) The next mistake that people make is that they’re not honest. It starts out with honesty with oneself – beginning with what one desires.

I realize that society and advertisers suggest what one “should like.” Ultimately, if you desire something and it’s positive for yourself and others, leads to spiritual expansion, and is enjoyable, then you need to seriously consider it.

You need to set aside any of that embarrassment of thoughts like, “what made people think?” You need to accept yourself completely and all of your desires as long as they are positive for yourself and other people. And of course they must be 100%  legal and lawful.

The next thing you need to do is be honest about the things with your partner. Many people are scared that if they communicated their desires and the other person doesn’t like it, they may reject them. But, this entire mindset is mistaken because it’s coming from one of lack.

Despite the fear of how they may react, you may be surprised at how expressing your desires brings you to entirely new levels of connection. And this is the path to connecting both even more with the infinite positive energy in the universe.


Now, you are coming to intimacy seeking to give, already feeling 100%, seeking expansion of your consciousness through sensation and new experiences, and being honest.

This will tap you into the infinite force of creation to start on the path of being the co-creator of your world where manifesting is as second nature as breathing.

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Light and love,


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