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Law of attraction meditation and how to use the law of attraction for beginners

Want to learn how to use the law of attraction? Read on.

My background and perspective when we talk about how to use the law of attraction is that it needs to give practical results and using a law of attraction meditation is one of the best ways to do this. Since I run various companies with overhead, employees, sales representatives and thousands of clients, things actually have to work for me and others.

I will start out explaining concepts about how to use the law of attraction. Then I will give you a law of attraction meditation that you can listen to, for example, in the morning or before you go to sleep. The goal of this is to help embed the concepts in your subconscious mind so that they become natural. E.g. you know how to use the law of attraction just like you know how to breathe, completely automatically.

How to use the law of attraction

Whether you desire is to be manifesting love with the law of attraction, manifest your crush with the law of attraction, manifest more money or something else, the law of attraction works.

You’ve likely heard of or read “The Secret” and the case studies of individuals who consistently practiced the tenants of the law of attraction.

  1. Define specifically what it is you desire 100% focused on what you want.
  2. Give it a specific due date.
  3. Visualize what you desire in greater and greater details.
  4. Connect and expand the positive feelings you would have when you have accomplished what you most desire.
  5. Act. Do with an expectation of fantastic results and be open to the inspiration that comes to you.
  6. Repeat with complete confidence in the results already being in your life.

Next, I am going to give you a law of attraction meditation to help embed these 6 laws into your subconscious. If you are doing something that requires your attention, please complete it first. Then,  sit back, relax and listen to my words.

Law of attraction meditation

Please feel free to close your eyes or keep them open only as quickly as you are ready to relax even deeper now as you listen to my voice. Now, we will breath in and out three times, each time we do, we feel 100 times more relaxed than before.

Breathe in and out. Well done, as your entire body, each and every muscle, and all cells relax even deeper now.

Again, breathe in and out and notice how much more relaxed you feel as your entire body is 100 times more relaxed.

Well done. You are excellent at this and be even more present.

Continue with a third deep breath, in. Hold it. Now slowly exhale as you relax completely now, 100 times more than you were before.

You may notice your shoulders have relaxed even more, the muscles around your eyes are even more completely relaxed and that you are even more present as you listen even more to my voice and message.

Your subconscious is like a fertile field and you are a gardener, planting seeds today that grow into tall beautiful trees. They can be fruit trees with beautiful tasty fruits of the type you most like – the crush you want, the love you desire, the money you want, and all else you desire to manifest with the law of attraction.

Repeat to yourself or adjust it so that it is even more powerful for you.

I am clearer and clearer about my deepest desires.

I connect with what I truly desire.

I listen to other people and confidently make my own decisions.

What I desire is positive for me and other people.

I easily attract all into my life what I desire.

I state and believe in the due date by which I have all that I desire.

I feel more and more confident the universe is bringing to me the things I most desire.

I continuously see myself already living and having all that I desire.

I see how others look to me with admiration as the things I desire manifest in my life.

I am enjoying more and more each moment.

I feel more and more happy.

I feel more and more confident.

I feel more and more attractive.

I feel a growing sense of self-confidence and know I can do anything.

I take action with complete focus on success being in the process.

I listen while I take action to inspired ideas that come from the universe.

I repeat.

I am thankful and filled with more and more gratitude.

Now, I am going to count from 5 to 1. Each time I count, you feel more and more alert, awake, filled with life, happier, and present. All the guidance we reviewed will be now part of your subconscious and naturally guide you so that the law of attraction works even better for you.

5… 4…. 3…. 2…. 1. Congratulations.


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