This is a guided meditation and visualization designed  show you how to manifest your ideal partner, love and ideal relationship.

Prior to starting, if you are doing something that requires your attention, please complete it. This allows you to focus even more on the moment, relax even deeper and gain the benefits of this guided meditation and visualization. Then, identify and go to a place where you are even more comfortable. A place you can relax even deeper, and can focus even more. Focus on the words I share to experience them more and more. The guide below for manifesting love shows the benefits of meditation.

Now, let’s get started.

I am going to count from 5 to 1. Each time I do you relax 10 times even more deeply.

Breathe in and out deeply, and 4.

You feel your muscles from your head to your toes relaxing even deeper.

3, you feel your muscles, organs, and energy relaxing deeper and deeper.

2, you may notice that your heart is beating even slower, you are even more present, that your arms and legs may feel even heavier or lighter.

These are signs that you are doing great relaxing even more and more. Well done.

1, you are completely relaxed, present, and feel great as you experience and visualize what I guide you.

Manifesting love 

You see yourself in bed first thing in the morning feeling so refreshed and completely relaxed.

You may notice how the pillow feels so soft under your head and how you feel so warm under the blankets on your comfortable bed.

What really fills you with a wonderful sensation is when you look over and feel your ideal partner next to you.

They may be hugging you or you may be hugging them. Or maybe they’re sleeping on your shoulder or your limbs are lovingly entwined.

You feel a wonderful sensation of peace, love, connection, fulfillment, presence and joy growing more and more inside.

As your wonderful sensations grow more and more, you may even notice your skin tingle with a deep inner joy.

You may even notice your mouth forming into a smile or feel the radiance of the smile deep inside.

You may think to yourself, I am so thankful for the universe to bring us together.

I am so thankful for their body, and even more importantly, for their mind and soul. I am thankful for how incredible I feel now with them, and all the fantastic things we share and will share. These positive thoughts will help with manifesting love.

I am thankful for being able to give to them and make their life even better.

And I am thankful for the ways they spontaneously, from the heart give to me and make each and every moment even more incredible.

As you are admiring their beauty and expanding your sense of thankfulness throughout your body, you notice them stir and their eyes open.

You may kiss their eyelids or their forehead and hug them even closer as you feel their warmth.

You feel their energy and they’re combining with yours. A white light allows you to glow together, connected with infinite positive energy of abundance brighter and brighter.

Together, your lights and energies combine and radiate out even brighter, illuminating the room and radiating out to positively affect all your light of love comes in contact with.

After sharing some wonderfully intimate and connecting time in bed, you decide to have a wonderful breakfast together.

Maybe you feed each other pieces of your delicious food, and feel the energy transferring them into you even more.

As you share the food in the morning, the foods you most enjoy eating, you feel it even greater sense of peace, connection, and resonance with this individual who is your ideal love.

As you go about the day in all of the things that you normally are doing you feel an even greater sense of peace, love, and connection.

You experience at deeper and deeper levels how your connection of energy with your ideal love becomes stronger every single second.

You see how your positive giving energy transpose is time and space where you can feel them right by you all the time.

In fact, you experience more and more how incredible you feel when notice how your radiant white light is merged with theirs.

And together you glow brighter and brighter, more and more filled with infinite positive energy in all ways.

You feel happier and happier, even more filled with joy, feeling that in love sense all the time at greater and greater intensities.

You see yourself with them as you are sharing time today as well. It may be on the beach, swimming pool, nature, or wherever else you choose it to be now.

You feel your entire body even more completely relaxed.  Your heart beating even slower. You are with them enjoying the moment.

You are doing the activities you most love to do with them and you are both smiling, laughing, and so completely filled in the moment.

Spontaneous ideas of things that bring both of your positive emotional states to even higher levels come into your mind. You flow doing them naturally.

And everything and anything you think of flowing from your core state of oneness with the other and with congruence with who you are and your desire to please makes things even better and better.

You see them even happier and happier with even more joy radiating on their face. The ability for you to see them moving even more youthfully takes place.

You see both of you, together, having even more fun. As you continue, you see yourselves having conversations and mentally stimulating each other in the exact ways you most find fulfilling.

And the more pleasure you see them having and the more fun you see them having the greater you feel. Because you are focused a hundred percent on giving.

You are already filled with infinite positive energy of love, intimacy, appreciation, joy, and happiness. And you radiant out your white light already filled to make everything better for the other person.

You bring them even more pleasure, more happiness, more joy, and more intellectual stimulation and growth. And you feel even happier as a result. This is because their pleasure is your pleasure.

Now, as you go about your day today you continuously experience at greater and greater levels of intensity all of the positive emotions and experiences already being reality with your ideal love.

After manifesting love, you feel more and more joy. That sense of the positive radiance you have now that you’re in love.

Everything today goes easier and easier and more more naturally, and you feel more relaxed.

I am going to count from 5 to 1 soon. When I do, you are going to bring all these positive feelings and experiences into your daily life.

And as you do so, you will be even more aware of the energy of other people. Because you know that we’re all part of an infinite energy and you already connected with your ideal love on an energy level.

You will go about today and each and every day already experiencing what you most desire, feeling happier and happier, and focused on giving.

You will notice more and more, the subtleties in the energy of other people.

This leads you to even more naturally attract your ideal love as you’re going about doing the things that you most like.

You connect naturally with those who have the energy already in resonance with yours.

And then, after manifesting love, you are with your ideal love. You continue to expand and connect with this infinite positive energy in the universe. This results in your communication, interaction, leadership, intimacy, and all other areas being even more focused on giving.

You radiate your white light and energy to fill them physically, mentally and emotionally. You can do this more and more because you are filled with an infant positive energy.

With the law of attraction love shows their pleasure is your pleasure.

When manifesting love, you feel greater and greater and happier and happier the more you see them well.

You affirm more and more the infinite amount of happiness, joy, love, and fulfillment. You’re already part of it and it’s growing more and more.

Now I am going to count from 5 to 1. You will remember and experience all the positive states growing more and more throughout the day. And you will have an even more clear mind and feel great.

5, 4, 3, 2.

You move about a bit, your eyes opening.

And 1, you are fully awake, even more alert, and feeling fantastic. Keep the positive concepts, emotions and feelings as they grow throughout the day.

Benefits of Meditation

If you have enjoyed this guided meditation, and have experienced the benefits of meditation including manifesting love, I thank you from my heart for sharing with other people so that we can help spread this positive movement. 

Lots of love and look forward to seeing you on a future video.


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