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Stop Being The Nice Guy (Or Gal). 5 Hacks To Use Right Now (With Guided Meditation)

Want to step up your life, get what you want, and stop being the nice guy or gal who finishes last? Then do these 5 tips

My name is Eric Michael and I help people upgrade their lives and stop being the nice guy or gal with the Power Life System and transform their health with natural products through VitaliZEN.

The story starts out one night, when a young man is out with a young woman. Whether you are a man or woman, you can imagine the scene flipped so you can better relate.

He was into her. While he loved spending time with her, bringing her to new heights of pleasure was, well, um, something he really loved to do.

So he started the night asking her to come to his place first.

She didn’t want to because she said, “she was planning on looking great and didn’t want to get her hair, makeup or dress messy.”

So he, as a logical thinker he is, suggested, “you can bring your clothes and get ready here.”

“No, I don’t want to bring anything.”

So what does he do? Should he be the nice guy and just say ok, even though it wasn’t what he most desired, or do something else?

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He chose not to respond.

And a few minutes later she suggested, “We can go to the event and then after go to the place right next to it where we love to get romantic.”

He said, “Sure.”

Then at the event, she acted kind of passively.

She wasn’t making outward signs of going there. She was kind of quiet, reserved, and yet dressed very sexily.

They enjoyed the event, grabbed some Mexican food, and then went back to the bar for the event it had later.

He said hi to various people at different tables and then reached out his hand.

She looked at him like, “No I don’t want to dance.”

“No, I want you. Come.”

And he lead her to the romantic spot. And they couldn’t get in.

So then he got an Uber and went to another. He didn’t have the right ID.

So he got another and the final spot, they had a wonderful romantic time and after she really relaxed, opened up and the vibe was great.

So what was going on beneath the surface to stop being the nice guy?

I’ll cover them from 5 to 1 with 1 being the most important.

5 – Be clear about your intentions.

You want someone to do something, say it. He wanted to be with her and he told her that he wanted to make her feel great romantically. He was clear as well as respectful and focused on the benefit for the other person.

4- Be indifferent

There is something magical that happens when the other person knows you do not need something from them. It is attractive and pulls them to you. You’re not attached to the result, but definitely want something that will be best for both of you.

3- Be insistent

He was clear and continued to find solutions to what he desired (that was a benefit for her). At the same time he was respectful and if she had said no, he would have accepted it fully and with equanimity.

2- Never get upset

Getting upset and using sadness or guilt to get what you want may work in the moment but it will undermine the fundamental connection you have together as well as mutual respect. Sadness is perfectly fine to express, but for things that are real, never as a manipulation tactic.

1- Get your energy right

We are all energy and at our essence this is what controls and influences everything. It even attracts what you are resonating on, with the law of attraction.

When one’s energy is low or lacking and one is seeking something from someone else, the dynamic is more times than not where one falls into being the nice girl or gal. One does this to get the approval or something from someone else, but it always backfires and one feels worse.

Now, we’re going to do a brief meditation to help embed these concepts in your subconscious so that you stop being the nice guy or gal, get what you want, and start to upgrade all areas of your life.

Only as fast as you are ready to relax and feel great now, should you complete whatever you were doing fully, and then you can find a comfortable place.

It should be one where you feel safe and can relax even deeper now. Into a pleasant state where you are relaxed even deeper.

Now, imagine a white light filling your body, starting with your feet. As this white light enters your feet and touches every cell, it fills each with a radiant abundance. And each cell relaxes even deeper, causing your muscles to also relax even more. And this pleasant sensation continues into your ankles, calves, knees, and thighs.

You may notice how your legs are even heavier or lighter now as the pleasant loving light continues into your groin, buttocks, back, chest, shoulders, arms, hands and neck.

Each relax even deeper as the pleasant vibration of white radiant light continues to each area. As it continues to fill and relax your face, around your eyes, you jaw, and your mind, you may imagine how you are glowing a white light.

If a smile comes to your lips as you feel so great now, that is perfectly normal.

This white light brings you an incredible power. You can go into any scene in your life and relive it and now be in the new reality it creates.

You choose an event where you were the nice guy and gal, didn’t get the results you wanted, and know that if you applied these 5 tips, everything would change for the better.

Through this white light and connection with the infinite abundance in the universe, you notice around you through your own eyes that you are in your own body moments before the nice guy or gal event.

But this time, you are clear about your intentions, you have equanimity regardless of the results, you are insistent with respect, you never get upset, and your energy is one of peace, presence and radiating a white positive light.

Notice all the details of how you stand confidently, make confident eye contact, lead already knowing the result. And see how the other people respond and look to you to to lead them.

Image as all the events unfold exactly as you most wanted.

Feel the positive emotions as you have everything you most desired of joy, happiness, fulfillment, and more.

See how you move with even greater confidence.

Notice how you act with equanimity, spontaneity, lightness, leadership, authority, assertiveness and fun.

And recognize the thoughts filling your mind that you are a worthy person, you go for what you want, you express your desires respectfully, and you lead others to things positive for them with authority, confidence and love.

And notice how you think the world is a positive and abundant place.

Continue seeing, feeling, and tasting all the details of your experience.

And when I count from 3 to 1, your neurons continue being wired to the you of confidence and assertiveness where you are filled with gratitude for the past experiences because they brought you here today to upgrade your life and positively impact others even more.




You are 100% alert, awake and aware feeling fantastic.

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To the stud or studette you now are,



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