Want to massively boost self-confidence? Then understand the paradox and do THIS.

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The problem is that for most, it’s real hard to have confidence in themselves and their ability to get what they want in life.

A portion of people know they don’t have confidence. This is important because then they can solve it!

But many others don’t even know what they don’t know. It’s like going to dinner and then going out dancing afterwards. You notice people looking at you kind of funny when you smile. Some people even look way.

Yet you have no idea why.

Then you get home and you see this wonderful piece of spinach protruding it’s head between your front teeth. And you feel this feeling of embarrassment…

And then you ask yourself, why didn’t anyone tell you.

If you just KNEW you could have solved it hours ago!

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The paradox is:

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Confidence is typically defined as having the qualities of expecting to get great results, the mindset that one can handle it, and the action of going into situations with 100% intention to get those great results.

When one tries to be or appear confident, they block themselves in one or more ways.

FIRST, they are moving large, standing straighter, talking deeper, making better eye contact, or doing other actions that make it appear they have 100% belief in themselves. When these are a byproduct of what I will share, great.

But when the focus is on these actions alone, people sense the incongruence. And this breaks trust. Trust is one of the most important building blocks for success.

SECOND, the more one looks for confidence techniques, the greater one is affirming in their neurology that they are not confident.

We are innately programmed to be congruent to who we see ourselves as. It’s like the person who says they love adrenaline sports. They go skydiving, bungee jumping and water skiing without hesitation. Yet someone else who sees themselves as being a conservative person might have heart palpitations just THINKING about doing one of these activities.

When we think we are lacking confidence, we go into situations giving less than 100% which blocks us from getting the optimum results.

It’s like trying to pick up a pen. Muscles are pulling to pick it up yet others are pushing to keep it in place. The result is the pen doesn’t move. That’s how most people are in life.

THIRD, the more one seeks and tries methods to appear confident, the more we are influencing energy that we lack confidence. And the universe will help you have more of what you are projecting by blocking results, getting negative feedback, avoiding situations and helping you feel worse.

How Do I Solve The Paradox of Self Confidence?

I am going to guide you through a 3 minute guided exercise to feel great, be relaxed, and experience already having already having all you wanted. When you do this, you naturally start to have the qualities we define as confident.

Cool, isn’t it?

Yes I think so too.

If you are doing something that requires your attention, please complete it.

And only close your eyes as quickly as you are ready to relax even deeper now.

As you enter this pleasant state of trance and presence with me now, if you have any thoughts that come into your mind, you can place them in a big chest, close the cover and push it off.

By doing this, your mind is even calmer, more present, and you can feel even more full of joy now.

Place your attention, as you breathe even deeper now and enter an even deeper state of peaceful relaxation, on your feet.

A pleasant feeling of relaxation, fills them and continues to expand to your legs, groin, back, abdomen, shoulders, arms, hands, face, and around your eyes.

Now, tense all the muscles in your body – everything.

Hold. 1, 2, 3.

Now relax.

Repeat once more as you drift even deeper, 10x more relaxed.

Tense all your muscles once more – everything.

Hold. 1, 2, 3.

Now relax.

You may notice you are breathing even deeper or slower, or the pleasant sensation of the air on your skin or surface beneath you even more. These are all signs you are excellent at relaxing and are naturally a confident person.

Now relax in a seat in your favorite theater and watch on the screen as you have everything you most desire.

You may notice how comfortable you are, relaxed you feel, and how much you like being here.

You see yourself already having accomplished all you want financially – you have the things, money, time, toys, and impact you most desired.

See in more and more detail as you enjoy having all the things money can buy. See your incredible lifestyle, how others look at you, the things you do, and with whom you do them more and more.

Continue seeing yourself having all you ever wanted in the interpersonal area of your life – speaking with whoever you want, having great interactions, with the love of your life, enjoying precious moments more, intimacy, and more.

Continue seeing in more and more detail as you enjoy the interpersonal connections in all the ways you most desire.

Continue seeing as you have the body you most want, how people look at you with interest, how you do the things you most want and how you look great in all different clothing.

Continue seeing yourself in more and more detail already having the attractiveness, body, health, and vitality in all the ways you most desire.

Expand to what you hear, sense, smell, taste as this reality becomes brighter and more vivid for you. Everything is bigger, more intense, and even more real.

This is your reality. You have everything you wanted.

You may start to notice how happy you feel now that you have all you desired. Perhaps you start to feel even more euphoria, sexy, attractive, confidence, radiance, connection or presence.

Notice how you naturally move with your head high, shoulders back, and with great vitality.

And you may see yourself acting with generosity, patience, equanimity and all the other ways you would when you have all you desire.

And you may start to think how great and abundant the world is.

Continue expanding these pleasant feelings as they grow more and more in each and every cell of your body.


When I count from 3 to 1, you continue already having all you want and feeling incredible, while you are 100% awake and aware.





Back to the paradox.

People desire to have self-confidence to ultimately get great results in situations that are important.

When you start feeling great and already experiencing having these results now, you naturally act in more confident ways.

You are relaxed and present. You go in with greater expectation of great results. You are influencing the universe with your mental hologram to cause what you desire to happen.

You notice the things that support your reality of having what you want which helps get even greater results.

And the subcommunication of confidence such as vocal tone, movements, actions, thoughts, and others align much more with ones we see as confidence and are congruent.

Next step

This was a very brief summary of how to boost your confidence with energy methods. I have a full free training you can join. Just click here.

To your confidence on the deepest level,

Eric Michael


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