How is your confidence? Would you like to boost your confidence and self esteem quickly?

I recorded this video when in Lake Tahoe skiing. It was a beautiful day and I wanted to share the beauty with you and give you tips on confidence and self-esteem as related to snow boarding (since that is what we were doing).

You can watch the confidence video below or read the summary that follows:

#1 Relax

The first thing, when an individual, for example is learning how to snowboard, you see them tensing up. They look like a stiff tin man from Alice In Wonderland on the board. Yet, when you see somebody who is relaxed on the board (regardless of how many times they have done it), they look MUCH more confident when they’re skiing down the hill. So, relax.

When we’re out and about, we’re not necessarily snowboarding.

 However, we still can relax doing a quick couple of steps.

Start out by placing your full attention on your breath, and as you do this, breath in even deeper as your entire body from your head to your toes relaxes even deeper. Now, you can keep your eyes open or close them as you relax even more.

And place your attention on your body. You may notice as you relax your shoulders, your legs, your arms and you continue doing it until you start to notice how your energy and your presence is becoming even more relaxed.

Then go and do from this relaxed state. You will appear and feel much more confident.

#2 Visualize how you ideally want things to go

The second thing that I recommend for an individual who is learning to snowboard that applies directly to confidence is to visualize doing the perfect actions.

So, now that you’ve relaxed and you’re present, experience what it is that you most desire.

First of all, you can see yourself as if on a movie screen in front of you.

The second option is to look around and experience everything from your own perspective (looking through your own eyes). You’re seeing everything aligning with how you most want things to be.

Add even more detail, make the colors even brighter, and the picture even bigger. Connect with and expand the positive feelings now that you associate with having accomplished what you most desire.

#3: Do

Go act. You can count from 3 to 1 and then go do if that helps you. When you do, you are doing from a state of being even more relaxed and having visualized as well as felt the positive emotions you associate with having accomplished what you desire.

As a result, you are likely going to get even better results as you appear even more confidence. As you see the results even better, this builds additional positive momentum and increases your confidence even more!