Is your past affecting your life today and how do you free yourself from the endless cycle it could trap you in?

The definition of karma differs on who you ask and one’s religious beliefs. However, most will agree that it is a memory of past actions, thoughts, and desires. While this may or may not cary over from past lives, and we may or may not be in an endless circle of rebirth until we free ourselves, we can all agree that what we have done, thought and desired during this life is impacting our current reality in one form or another.

I’m going to share with you 5 signs to know when you’re being affected by past karma and tips to free yourself from it so that negative energy will no longer have the same hold over your it has had in the past.

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Don’t feel trapped by past karma – the intention of negative events in this life is to awaken to our higher purpose. 

How do you know if you’re being affected by past karma and what do you do about it?

First, do you have problems, blocks, or feelings of not deserving that seem to come up again and again?

Start to free yourself from negative karma causing this by doing these three affirmations. First, “I accept myself deeply and completely and now want to have a happy life.” Second, “I forgive my soul from this life or past that did anything to create negative karma.” Third, “I forgive others who have done anything that harmed me.” Now commit to living with love, generosity, and compassion.

Recall any times when you have wished for harm to another or done something negative to another person. It is very important to always wish the best for others, regardless of what they have done as the energy we emit comes right back to us. If you desire, you can do a past life regression or place your attention on your lives prior to this as well.

Then, if you can make amends with the person, make best efforts to do so. If it’s not feasible to do so, then imagine them in your mind asking for forgiveness and getting it from them. And of course, make a change now to do things in a more positive way. Do this not to get something from having cleaned your karma but because this is who you are in the present moment – a person of love, generosity, positivity, and compassion. Notice how you may feel a weight being lifted from you, blocks dissolved, and free to move forward.

Second, do you find you attract the same type of (dysfunctional) partners?

The concept of karma is that we repeat the same things again and again so that we learn from them. Ask and be honest with yourself what lessons are there to learn from your partners. And then implement changes in your life so that you can start living more of your potential.

It’s important to bring your awareness to the moment and cut any energetic links to the person from this life or a prior one. A simple way to do this is to relax from your head to your toes. Then move any negative thoughts, including of this person in any way, along with the dark energy around them into a large chest. Close it and push it off. Then imagine as you fill with infinite light of love and feel peace, present, and free. Give thanks for being free and able to contribute positively to others. Then send positive energy to everyone, including this person. Then repeat once more moving any thought of this person into the chest, pushing it off, and filling with white light of infinite love, presence, and potential.

Third, when you try to set a New Year’s resolution or make a positive change, does it feel like everything starts going wrong all at the same time?

When a person announces that they are going to stop smoking for example, on January 1st, their brain might start telling them that it’s 365 days. And suddenly what seemed like a simple New Year’s resolution becomes harder and harder, even before they’ve reached day two. Some might say that you can’t share your positive intentions because the dark energy wanting you trapped will do all possible to keep you in its clutches.

Whether you believe this or not, most people will agree that taking things one day at a time is the easiest. And since the past is just our interpretation of something that happened and the future is purely our imagination, we can only live in the present. So whatever improvement you want to make is made only right now.

One method that I’ve used to make personal changes with a similar concept is by imagining that what I desire is already my reality. I stop trying to make a change. Instead, I relax from my head to my toes. Then I clean my energy by moving negative thoughts, fears and doubts along with their dark energy into a chest. I push it off and fill with white light of infinite love, power and potential. Then I imagine I’m already the way I wanted and things are going great. I expand the positive feelings (which is pretty easy as you feel great when you things go great). And I repeat. I consciously practice releasing from wanting, needing, or having to have a result. Instead, I make the image in my mind of being and doing what I wanted stronger and stronger. And as a I result, I start to notice that I just act the way I was imagining.

Fourth, do you feel tired, drained or uncomfortable after eating? 

The digestive process, which starts the moment we place food in our mouths, involves harnessing the energy stored in the food for ourselves. However, if we are eating animal products and the animal’s karma was one of fear, hate or pain prior to it’s life ending, this energy may also transfer to us. Similarly, if the person preparing the food is stressed, worried or rushed, that energy could transfer to the food. 

To minimize this, before eating, give thanks with whoever you are eating. Turn off your cell phones and don’t work while eating. And imagine as you clean their karma of the food by imagining as you guide with white light of peace, joy and love to fill it prior to eating it .

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Past karma is, at its essence, energy sticking to oneself or remaining intertwined in the aura or molecular vibration of oneself. The 5 step meditation for beginners can help free oneself on an energetic level from past karma. And the more you free yourself from the past on an energetic level, the easier it is to think, act, and desire in positive ways. The link is in the description.

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