If you don’t clear negative energy from your body, your true power will be drained and your vibration will get lower and lower.

When you don’t clear negative energy, you start to attract more and more problems, issues, challenges, frustration, and subsequently lower emotional states. We could say that instead o focusing on solving the issues popping up, one needs to clear negative energies. As one’s vibrations and positive energies rise, one will no longer be a vibrational match for the problems.

Additionally, failure to clear negative energy, since it drains your power, can result in health issues. For example, weakness, lack of motivation, degraded immune system, cancer, and worse.

The good news is that there are solutions to clear negative energy quickly and simply! I’m going to share with you 6 different types of negative energy and then a technique to use to clear each.

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Think of negative energy like darkness in a room. All we need is one light, even a tiny candle and the room is filled with light. It’s the same with how to clear negative energy. You love is the light. And looking at all with the light of love is the foundational mindset to clear negative energy from your life.

Negative energies can affect everyone because we are, at our essence, energy. However, if you are an intuitive, highly sensitive person, or feel the subtle energies of others, it may affect you more. If you do things that lower your innate power, such as have addictions, your lower vibrational state would make you more susceptible. 

As I share the negative energy types, ask yourself which have been affecting you the most. Then, you can focus on the technique to clear negative energy that I’ll share next. 

One – Energy vampires.

One person or entity, instead of connecting with the infinite source of power, seeks to get energy from another. Energy vampires can drain you in person or even from a distance. Many times the person draining the other isn’t doing it consciously – they want to feel full, but instead of connecting with the infinite energy of love all around them, they seek it from you (or another). If you are an empath or highly sensitive person, and your vibrational state has been lowered for whatever reason, it is even more likely that energy vampires could be feeding on you.

Two – love bonds.

You can imagine these like filaments of light or energy from another person or entity to you with whom you have a heart connection. For example, a mother can feel when her child is well. Or, one lover knows when the other is having challenges as they feel it in their energy field – the negative energy from one affects the other.

Three – environment low vibrations.

This is where the people, entities, music, news, social media, or something else is creating a low vibrational energy state which affects yours. For example, you go to a party where there is a “heavy” atmosphere and just don’t feel safe or comfortable. The energy from the environment is negatively affecting yours. You may feel drained, tired, confused, or in a bad mood as a result.

Four- negative thoughts.

While the first three were external influences, this is one you have 100% control over.

Each time one thinks a negative thought, It brings down one’s vibration and drains one’s power. And then in the lower vibrational state, one tends to attract even more problems and issues. Any type of thought about how one is weak, not capable, that the world is filled with problems, or focusing on the problem instead of the solution are examples of negative thoughts.

Five – negative intentions.

This is also 100% in your control.

We have all experienced the feelings of anger, disillusionment, heartbreak, and frustration. These are normal human emotions and allow yourself to feel them. The issue comes when one desires something negative for another – for example that harm comes to the other in any shape or form. This negative intention for the other actually drains the wisher’s power and lowers their vibration. 

What negative energy or energies have been plaguing you? I’d love to know in the comments below.  I’ll share a technique I use to clear negative energy of each type.

One – Technique to clear negative energy from energy vampires

Since most energy vampires are unconsciously seeking your energy because they don’t know how or aren’t connecting with the infinite positive energy around them, we have various options. One is to cut them out of one’s life or set boundaries and tell them “no” more often. While that is something to consider if you need to, my preferred method is to guide them to the light. 

I share the 5-step meditation for beginners (which you can see the link in the description) and as long as my time permits, I guide them or do it with them. The results are incredible, and in moments, an energy vampire can transform into a giving light. Try it and let me know how it goes.

Two – For love bonds, you need to make the decision if you want this love connection or not.

When you have a love bond, it enables intimacy to transcend the human reality, connect with the cosmos and reach expanded states of consciousness. In this case, if you feel your partner’s energy low, consciously imagine that you are guiding to them the energies of white light, nature and the cosmos.

However, what if it is from a prior relationship that is time to end? Imagine that you have big scissors and imagine the love bonds as blue or red light from that person to you being cut. Imagine that you are placing the thoughts of that person in a big chest, closing the lid, and push it off until it disappear. Then imagine as you fill with infinite positive energy of white light, nature, and the cosmos, feeling free, calm, and powerful. Repeat these steps until your mind is present focused on the now.

Three – Clear negative energy from environmental low vibrations.

The first option is to go to places which bring your vibration up. For example, if you’re not that comfortable in a loud dance club, but very comfortable in a yoga studio, then you could opt to frequent only yoga studios.

The second option is to use these negative energies as fuel to share your light and develop your power. Before going, raise your own vibration to where you feel fantastic. You could do this by doing something you love, meditating, repeating mantras, watching comedy, energy work, or something else. Then, imagine that you have a layer of protective energy all around your body as thick as you want. It allows in only positive energies as shields you from any negative ones. Then go to these locations focused on giving positive energy to others, filled with infinite love, already feeling great. You may notice that with the mindset of giving positive vibes and making others feel great, that you naturally clear negative energies from yourself.

Four – clear negative energies from negative thoughts.

If a negative thought comes in your mind, observe it. Ask yourself what the positive intention o fit is. Often it is to protect you. You can then thank it for the thought and affirm that you are safe and well.

Since negative thoughts often arise when your vibrations are low, by bringing up your vibrations, you’ll notice that your thoughts naturally become more and more positive. One way to do this is with the 5 step meditation for beginners. The link is in the description.

Five – clear negative intentions.

You need to make the conscious decision that any time a person has done anything you don’t like, you seek to understand and forgive. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and use this as a motivation to grow personally, make changes, and avoid a similar situation in the future. And always desire the best for others, even if it is far from you.

Congratulations and well done on learning various techniques to clear negative energy. I’d love to hear which technique you preferred.

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May your day be filled with light, love, and lots of positive energies,





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