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Do This To Heal Your Body and Mind | Self Heal | Mind Over Medicine | Eric Michael

Want to self heal your body and mind, heal yourself and discover mind over medicine? Then do what I’m about to share.

My name is Eric Michael and I help people expand their lives, heal themselves, and raise their consciousness through the Power Life System and to sleep better, dissolve pain and live better with VitaliZEN.

I had a slightly dry throat but overall was feeling fantastic – I was training, filming, and going out with friends. It was right after traveling from one climate about 10-15 degrees hotter than where I was now.

But then I did something I wouldn’t recommend anyone ever do.

I found this large bottle of Kombucha water sitting under the sink. It had been there for over 3 months and had a wonderful white visible ball of bacteria.

I thought to myself, this could be my ticket to have perfect health. So I’ll drink 2-3 cups of this water filled with bacteria. It’ll boost my immune system, and tomorrow I’ll feel like superman.

The next morning, I awoke with a red rash on my face, and body. I looked like a tomato. And within 1 more day, I had a full blown cold.

Since everything happens for a great reason, when meditating the answer came to me. A new meditation to heal myself quickly. And lo and behold I saw results in minutes.

So I decided to pause from my meditation to teach you how to heal yourself too.

Note, this is not medical advice. It’s purely for entertainment purposes. Make sure to follow your primary care physician. And just because it worked for me is no guarantee it will provide any benefit for you. Might not work at all. So, share it with your physician and let them guide you on what to do.

I’ll guide you in a guided meditation to heal yourself. However, before doing so there are some important fundamental beliefs.

First, a cold, sickness, disease or any other uncomfort is merely a sign of something deeper.

Second, when we are radiating a white light and filled with 100% of positive energy from a source beyond ourselves, our health and healing will be maximized.

Third, thoughts, worries, concerns, and the like can trap negative energy in different parts of our body and auric field which manifest in health issues.

Fourth, by identifying the stuck thought patterns and by liberating ourselves of them, we can free the blocked energy. And with our energy flowing freely and naturally, we start to heal yourself.

Let’s get started to self heal using a guided meditation to implement the beliefs I just shared so you can benefit now from them.

If you are doing anything that requires your attention, please complete it before you allow yourself to relax even more completely.

Now, find a place you feel comfortable, safe, protected, and secure where you can relax even deeper into a pleasant trance. I do these on the PEMF Mat from VitaliZEN.

As quickly as you are ready to relax even deeper every single cell in your body, tense all your muscles, from your head to your toes.


Now relax.

Repeat once more as you relax 10 times deeper.

Expand your gratitude for everything that comes to mind in the spiritual area of your life. Give thanks for your peace of mind, your equanimity, and your growing connection with an infinite source of power greater than us.

Continue giving thanks and feeling it expand throughout your body for everything related to your health, body and vitality. Notice all the small things, the things you are capable of doing, and the ways you can interact and sense the world around you.

Now, expand your gratitude and allow your wonderful feeling of white radiant light to glow even brighter as you give thanks for everything enjoyable or fun you have ever done or want to do.

Continue giving thanks for all the connections with others, people important to you, who you love and who love you. Feel as your connection with infinite radiant light glows even brighter the more you feel your gratitude expand.

Now, give thanks for everything related to money, things you have bought, experiences you have had, and every penny you have ever received.

Imagine as an infinitely white light fills you as your gratitude expands even more.

Now, place your attention even more on the energy field in your body and around it.

Ask yourself if there are any grey or dark areas.

As you identify these areas, ask yourself what thoughts, worries, concerns or similar could be behind these trapped negative energies.

Imagine as a beautiful solid and large chest slides up, the top opens and these thoughts, worries or concerns are deposited inside. The top closes and the chest slides off into the distance.

Now, inhale through your notes as you bring white radiant light in through the top of your head and fill your body with the light. You radiate brighter and brighter.

As you exhale through your mouth you may notice how at first the energy flowing out is dark.

As you continue to inhale white light and exhale, you may start to notice how the energy you exhale becomes more and more radiant white.

Continue repeating this same activity until you see your entire body bathed in 100% infinitely positive healing light and your aura is also filled with a radiant white light.

Now, continue breathing in filling with more and more white infinitely healing white light. Imagine as your radiant aura glows brighter and brighter and radiates in an even greater radius.

Continue to do so as you may notice how you feel more alert, vibrant, and healthy.

The more you repeat this the faster you will heal yourself.

I am going to count from 3 to 1 and when I reach 1 you continue to feel great, energized, and continue to self heal while you are completely alert and continue to do your normal activities.





Well done. I recommend bookmarking this and repeating as often as possible because to self heal is a skill and with more conscientious practice, your results will get even more fantastic. May I ask you a tiny favor? To help positively impact even more people, could you like the video, add a comment, and subscribe because then YouTube and Google will show it to even more people so they can start to heal themselves too.

I also have a free gift for you – a free mini-course to help take your skills with what I’ve started to share with you today to the next level. You can click here to register.

Light, love, and healing,




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