Become even more aware of the energy around us. Channel it. And heal others with it.

In this article, you will learn about energy healing -and how to start using your innate power to accelerate the healing in others. If you are already experienced in energy healing, you may learn some new methods to test out and see what produces the best results. Since our goal is to help positively impact as many people together, anyway we can improve helps accomplish this mission.

I send you great energy, healing energy, peace, and love. Feel it expand even more inside you.

You may have heard the terms, reiki, hands of light, healing hands, or similar terms. They all refer to the same concept. We are energy. Energy influences energy. And therefore we can influence the healing of another or ourselves by channeling this nergy.

There are numerous scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of prayer, reiki healing, distance healing and more. In another article I will go into more detail about the studies. In this, my desire is to share various techniques you can start doing right now to accelerate the healing in yourself or others.

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Before starting to heal another with energy, you need to bring your energy to a peak state and connect with the infinite positive energy in the universe. In my personal experience (and that of many other spiritual teachers), your diet plays a large role.

As I write this, I am having my 2nd blender full of protein smoothie of garbanzos, papaya, organic strawberries and distilled water. I have an air monitor on and 2 air filters to make sure the air quality is as absolutely pure as possible. I also used the VitaliZEN Amethyst, Obsidian, Tourmaline PEMF Mat in the morning while meditating and later will use the VitaliZEN Full-Body 660nm and 880nm Red Light.

I am not saying you have to do all the things I do to get the best results in healing. However, keep in mind that the cleaner the air, water, and foods you bring into your body are, the greater your healing ability will be.

When you do eat foods, whether organic or not, give thanks for the living plant or organism that gave its life so that you can be strong and positively impact others even more. Extend the thanks to all things and expand continually the sensation of thankfulness deep inside you.

And visualize as the foods radiate an even greater white light of infinite love and healing energy. Then when you eat or drink them, this powerful white light fills you.

Radiate White Light

Relax completely. Give thanks. Send great energy to others. Visualize all you desire already realized. Expand the positive feelings you associate with them. Do self-reiki. Align your chakras. Say affirmations.

Accelerate Healing

Person is physically distant

Visualize as white light of healing energy radiates from the heavens to them. They glow even more vibrantly white filled even more with infinite white light of love. You can alternatively radiate the healing light from you. As you breathe in and out, you feel the infinite positive white light and healing energy fill you even more as you radiate healing energy to the other person.

Visualize as they look, move, and are the way they desire. Visualize on a macro level from what we see with our eyes to a microscopic level of how their body should be functioning. The more research you can do into how things should be so you can visualize even better is excellent.

Beyond the physical nature, also expand your visualization and projection to help the other radiate even more love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness as these are fundamental qualities that help an individual heal even faster.

Continue until you feel a sense of peace and joy that the person is well and/or now progressing in the right direction.

Person is physically near

Recognize that each person is at a unique place in terms of spiritual evolution and has a unique vibrational frequency in this moment. Also be increasingly aware of your vibrational frequency in the moment when you start using your energy healing.

Start with cleaning their energy with incense from holy wood. Use a feather to clean their energy. Visualize their white radiating white before even coming in physical contact. Visualize them radiating an even greater white of love and infinite energy. Help balance their chakras if you feel they need so.

Then have them lay down. Balance out their energy field with your hands and seeing in your mind as their radiant white light is balanced all around their body. In any areas where it is darker, breath in as you fill with even more infinite light and then with your hands radiate into those areas. Continue until their energy is a white light radiating about 3-5 feet or more all around them.

Continue breathing in as you radiate white healing light into them from their feet to their head, focusing in areas that you may still feel need to radiate even whiter light.

Radiate white light that glows even brighter to any area in their body that can benefit from energy healing even more.

Now, visualize as their spirit rises above their body in the form of their original body and you guide it to radiate even greater white light in all areas. Allow it to return to the body.

Visualize the areas of the body healed from a visual aspect as you continue to breathe in, filling even more with infinite positive energy and radiate out to the person.

Visualize now, on a cellular level (and if you need to prior, research in Google about how the cells, immune system, or functions should be operating) and see what should be happening on a microscopic level. See the cells healing, rebuilding, nascent stem cells going to the area and creating new cells.

If you notice that your hands feel heavier, or that you have absorbed some of the negative energy from the other, then wash your hands to your elbows, and on the PEMF mat, repeat Radiate White Light. You can also walk barefoot in nature and place both hands on a tree sending it love and gratitude, then allow yourself to receive as the tree radiates back to you even more.

Special Case

There are certain personality types that are more rebellious, think a lot, and subconsciously block the energy healing when awake. With their permission for you to heal them, you may want to try doing the aforementioned steps when they are asleep. I find that it works much better in some cases.


When you heal others and/or are in physical contact with other people, you will influence their energy, and they will inadvertently influence yours. For the sake of simplicity, if another individual is holding on to problems, issues, or negativity, this will affect you. To energy heal, you have to open your energy to the infinite positive energy in the universe, and by doing so, it often makes you even more receptive to energies of other people.

If you associate with people who have a high vibrational energy, e.g. are positive, filled with love, and see the world as an increasingly abundant place, you may actually find yourself naturally expanding.

However, if you notice any signs of impatience, frustration, stress, tension, pains in body, tiredness, etc., you should repeat the Preparation and Radiate White Light steps above. Or do these steps just if you are around anyone with a darker or heavier energy, knowing that it does affect others.

If this article on how to use healing energy was beneficial, please share it so that we can positively affect even more people. And questions you can place in comments below.

Light and love,



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