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Spiritual Awakening – 3 Signs You Are Having Or Are About To Have

Are you having any of these 3 signs that are signaling YOUR spiritual awakening?

You will discover what these 3 signs that you are having a spiritual awakening are momentarily and get some tips to keep on track so that the initial positive feelings expand.

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My name is Eric Michael, an entrepreneur for over 20 years with a degree in computer Engineering. From my technical, logical, and business background, I had to experience something to believe it. And for many years thought of what I am teaching as New Age or with a mindset of “yeah, right”. Yet, after experiencing such an awakening myself and the incredible continually expanding awareness that accompanies it, I am teaching on the topic to help you.


The first sign is a sensation that there is something more than just more material things. This originally happened to me when I was living in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego. I recall learning of the importance of visualization and of placing an image of what one most wants where it was seen often. I cut out a picture of what at the time was the largest top end sedan from BMW. I chose a dark blue color and wrote a date on it by when I would be driving it. I think I was driving a Nissan Sentra at the time.

Without any struggle or force, a friend happened to introduce me to an individual who was selling a car for an executive who had a BMW that he only drove from the airport to his company, a few times a year, so it was in pristine condition. I was able to get it at a discount from the retail price.

It turned out to be the exact same car that was on my fridge. For a period of time, I enjoyed driving up and down the coast with the sunroof open, heated seats on and the high fidelity music loud. I remember on my birthday when I took out the girl I was dating to a restaurant in San Diego near the ocean, and we were waiting for the car. A guy was acting like he was the king of the world when his Corvette showed up, and then when mine showed up an attractive girl looked to us like, this car is nicer.

The looks and admiration from the girl I was dating at the time made me feel good in the moment.

However, prior to getting this car, I had made a comment to myself, “Everyone on this street has BMW or Mercedes. I don’t want to fall into this trap of materialism.” Yet here I was with the same type of car (albeit a nicer model than most).

This lead me to ask what there was outside the USA, travel internationally and start learning different languages. This was the start of feeling that there is something more. Perhaps right now you are thinking that there is more to life than just having a nicer car, a bigger bank account, or having more shoes. There definitely is.

Welcome to the spiritual awakening.


The second sign is that of a feeling that we are all connected. We hear this said a lot, however, when we start to feel it, then our spiritual awakening is starting.

It could be a feeling that when we do something for someone else that the joy they feel comes back to us. It could be a realization that unjust acts that we may have done or thought also come back to us negatively.

It could be a greater sensation that when you are with your friends or others that there is something more, a connection that goes beyond just appearance and the activities being done.

We are all truly part of each other on a level of infinite positive energy. This is a continual growing awareness that brings with it greater happiness, joy, connection, manifestation, healing, and more.

Embrace these sensations you have and start asking and doing things that are going to bring more love, joy and a white infinite positive energy into your life and share it with others by who you are.


The third sign is that maybe you don’t need to force things so much. Maybe you’ve noticed that in the times you most relax and allow what you desire to flow, things go better. Perhaps it’s that you see how easy things are when you are having fun without any worries of what will happen.

Maybe you are in business and are noticing that by experiencing what you desire even more, feeling great now, and sharing that with all in the team that you see faster and easier progress with a lot less stress.

Maybe you have had stress related health issues and were forced to relax. Enjoy the journey. Smell the roses. And by simply prioritizing things better, reducing or stopping multitasking, you find that you truly are enjoying the process even more and getting a lot more done.

Maybe instead of pushing and trying to force things more, you connect with a deeper mission, one of making an even more positive impact in the lives of others. And you discover that there is a seemingly mysterious force that makes things unexpectedly go exactly as you most want.

Congratulations! You are on the right track for your spiritual awakening.


At the start of a spiritual awakening it’s common to feel bursts of greater joy, happiness, awareness, inspiration and related. Be open to these and continue doing what you are doing that brings you more of these.

The spiritual journey is a life-long one and as you grow, the depth and incredibleness of the experiences expand even more.


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