The Fastest Way I’ve Found To Get What You Want In Life.

Welcome to The Power Life System. It’s *only* been 10 plus years in the making of fine tuning the methods and techniques to help you get what you want in life faster and easier than ever before.

Allow the Law Of Attraction to help you manifest your deepest desires to create your most fantastic life.

My Background

My name is Eric Michael and just like you I was looking for something that would work on a fundamental level to get what you want in life.

I graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering from the University Of California At San Diego so I have an analytical mind. I like to dissect and understand why things work and create systems to get consistent results.

In my teens, I found a book on hypnosis, read it and started applying it. I remember the day that a friend of mine, Julie was washing the window (in hypnosis) and the harder she tried to stop I told her, the faster her hand would move on the window. She couldn’t stop, and it startled me. That was one of the first times I experienced the power of one’s mind personally.

After graduation, I lived in over 10 different countries and learned Italian, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. As a result, I was able to learn and assimilate the best from each culture in terms of the law of attraction and manifesting what one wants.

My Spiritual Journey

When I was living in San Diego, I went to Horizon Christian Fellowship in Rancho Santa Fe with close friends. I was a member of a major business success, motivation and coaching group. I was active in learning and studying to develop my inner peace.

However, until I applied the methods I share in this blog and videos I definitely did not have a way to have ongoing equanimity and happiness. If things happened around me, I was affected.

I’ve gone from a roller coaster of emotions and emotional states to one of equanimity with the ability to return to a very positive place with a simple and effective method that I’ll share with you.

I’ve also gone from attracting the opposite of what I wanted into my life and definitely blocking the Law Of Attraction from working to solving it. Now, I experience what I desire with greater and greater intensity and find that the things I most desire naturally realize themselves in my life faster and faster.

My Financial Journey

I started my first business with practically nothing and grew it as well as started numerous other companies. I continue work as diligently in the companies as I can to ensure growth and security for all in the teams, their families and fantastic results for clients. So, my experience talking about applying the Law Of Attraction to manifest what one wants comes from personal experience and that of over a two hundred thousand people counseled over the years and many team members.

I achieved my goals of my dream car and dream home rather early in life only to notice that I wasn’t much happier than I was before. In fact, I was more stressed, losing more hair, and had more problems. That lead me on a search around the world to observe what other cultures did to have a deep underlying happiness. I am thankful to say today that I have that growing happiness now as well as continually increasing success in the companies.

My Health Journey

I’ve gone from having very poor health habits, in pain, and unable to move to where I am today. I feel healthier and more fit than ever before. Aside from the superficial health aspects, I have helped others with health issues with study based approaches to improve or resolve their issues.

I believe in the power of your mind and that you can when applying the right methods make fast improvements in your body, lose weight and improve your overall quality of life. That’s what I’m going to share with you.

My Interpersonal Journey

I went from having absolutely no clue how to attract into my life an individual with the qualities I most desire to writing down the exact qualities, visualizing and then days later meeting that individual. I also went from extreme social anxiety to being able to approach and meet anyone I want to. Additionally, I went from rocky friendships to being able to connect on a core energy level and experience synergy on much greater levels.

I also went from being focused on pleasure in my relationships to a deep understanding of our energy nature and focusing on connection from a completely filled state instead. The result has been even more incredible intimacy and life experiences.

I want you to struggle less, have less social fear, and have more love and joy in your relationships.

It’s Easier Than You Think To Get What You Want

We’ve been taught a lot of things that are wrong and are blocking the Law Of Attraction from working the way it is supposed to in your life. You are an incredible person, have infinite potential, and have a marvelous gift to give to the world. You can have what you want in life.

To your success,

Eric Michael



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