Do you want to know how to be happy? Let’s break some misconceptions and reveal the truth.

How to be happy? While this is a timeless concept, it is easier than one might think. I’ll start out by breaking some common myths and then give you a guided meditation to help embed these concepts in your subconscious so they become even more natural to you.

How to be happy myths unveiled

  1. You need money to be happy. Not at all. You need to have the feelings you associate with having money, but you don’t need the money to have it. E.g. a man wants a Ferrari to feel confident, sexy and attractive. Or a woman wants a designer dress to feel happy and attractive. Each can feel these emotions without the item.
  2. You have to achieve something to be happy. Achieve for the sake of doing it, not for happiness. Again, when we achieve something, if we associate feeling overjoyed with that, we can feel that same emotion now.
  3. You don’t deserve to be happy. Let go of the past. It doesn’t even exist. You 100% deserve to be happy each and every second of each and every moment of each and every day.
  4. You can’t be happy because ____ did or said something. Keep your power in you. Learn from others, while being strong. Make the decision to be happy now regardless of what happened.
  5. Because you sometimes feel depressed you know you can’t be happy. First accept yourself. Give yourself permission to be depressed. Listen to sad songs. Cry. Eat a lot. And do whatever else that is positive for you and others. Then give yourself permission to do things you enjoy and be happier.
  6. You need to have likes, followers, or be like anyone else to be happy. Not at all. Rejoice in your uniqueness. Expand who you are and be happy for who you are. The more you do so, the happier you’ll be and incidentally find that more people want to be like you ;).

How to be happy guided meditation to program your subconscious mind on how to be happy

If you are doing something right now that requires your attention, please complete it and then listen to the following guided meditation on how to be happy. While head knowledge is important, the more you listen to this, ideally before you go to sleep, the more we program your subconscious mind to make you feel happier and happier naturally!