5 hacks solve the question of how to be happy regardless of what is going on around you.

An individual who is very close to me was extremely stressed about something that had happened that was completely outside of her control. She did not know how to be happy, losing sleep, tense, emotional, and even more stressed because her husband was having extremely high blood pressure at the same time she was extremely stressed.  Since I know her well, this stress response was a habitual one; e.g. the same pattern repeats itself again and again. As part of the habit, she would attempt to live a happy life and solve her stress by eating ice cream, chocolate and cookies. BTW, these increase one’s blood sugar level, which could likely aggravate the stress symptoms even more.

This post is dedicated to her learning how to be happy (with congratulations as she solved it literally in minutes after I explained what I will to you), and to you watching to benefit too.

How did we get where we are?

Prior to explaining the #1 hack, let’s have an understanding that the way you and I accumulated over many years. And at likely no point did we try to force things. E.g. we became the way we are through many life events, likely shaped even more by the ones with a higher emotional significance to us.

Most people, like this woman try to force change. E.g. “I am going to change” or “I am going to do ….” However, for most people, this is contrary to how we became the way we are and we come up against many blocks. E.g. avoidance, excuses, procrastination and the list goes on.

Many people also need a very strong motivation to change. For her, I explained about mirror neurons. E.g. humans have these neurons that pick up on the emotional state of others that causes you to feel very similar feelings. However, in the case of her husband’s high blood pressure (near stroke level), the best feelings he could be feeling would be ones of bliss, ways to be happy and wellbeing, which incidentally have a very excellent probability of naturally lowering his blood pressure. E.g. the cortisol spike from stress can trigger the fight or flight response, yet the oxytocin bliss from happiness triggers completely different chemicals in one’s body that contribute to relaxation, health, vitality and everything functioning much better. So a big positive motivation is helping her husband live healthier and longer. Identify what is a strong motivation for you.

Now that you understand how we became the way we are and that trying to force change is contrary to our nature and doesn’t work well, we simply want to find happiness.  You are ready for the #1 hack, what I call the Power Life System Happiness Hack.

Step #1. Relax completely.

Let’s not use the word meditation because so many have pre-existing connotations regarding it. However, relax is fine. From your head to your feet.

Step #2: Give thanks for all things from small to large in your life.

Allowing yourself to go deeper, identify and give thanks for things in the spiritual, health, enjoyment, interpersonal/social, and financial areas. Really connect with the positive feeling as you do so. Expand it as much as possible by placing your awareness even more on these positive feelings of thankfulness and joy that comes from being thankful for all we have now. Think of ways to be happy that go along with your thankfulness.

Step #3: Experience the things you most want.

For example she wanted the issue to be solved–to do fun things with her husband, to both have healthy blood pressure, to be laughing together. To be going and enjoying life by finding happiness. Personalize this for you.

Step #4: Connect with the wonderful ways to be happy you have now that you’ve realized what you most want.

Expand these. Make them more and more intense. The more you make them intense, the faster you condition yourself to make this your new reality of being happy more. Do this regularly will show you how to be happy continually.

Step #5: Throughout the day, place your awareness on your body for signs to repeat the above steps.

E.g. signs of stress or tension on your voice or body, lack of ease in thought, being short with other people or related. Stop what you are doing and repeat. Make your ever increasing finding happiness more and more your natural state of being, the calm lake in the middle of the changing storms, the solid oak in the winds, and positively experience life as well show others how to find happiness.

Another massive benefit from doing the prior steps/hacks is that it will put you in a place where your relationships become even better too. This, studies show, results in your happiness increasing even more.


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