How to use the law of attraction and manifestation to find your love and your soulmates.

If you are reading this, you are already likely familiar with the law of attraction and manifestation. Here you will learn how to find your soulmate by applying tips to find your love . And even more importantly, attract love based on how you most want to experience it.

Examples Of This In Action

A student of this course was living in another country in the middle East. He had been studying social dynamics and was trying again and again unsuccessfully to meet a woman with the unique qualities he desired: very athletic, beautiful face, 15 years younger than him, happy, outgoing, spontaneous and fun.

After two months of making his best attempts and not going on even one date, he decided to apply just some of the methods that I’ll share with you here.

He lay in bed visualizing in the utmost detail ALREADY being with her, enjoying her presence, and repeating this again and again. He laid in bed for hours and visualized and mental experienced so many times and with such detail that he perceived his reality to be that he was with her.

Then we went out dancing with some friends to some music in a bar on the beach. Midway through, he decided to go down to the beach. He did and saw a young woman with her friend sitting on a picnic bench. He approached them and lead the one who had the qualities he most wanted to watch the sunset.

Moments later they were kissing passionately while watching the sunset.

Another example…

Another student had been using Tinder unsuccessfully time and time again. He started applying the methods and in one day had 3 young women who were in his WhatsApp and 2 were asking him what he was doing that day and the next (e.g. they wanted to meet him!)

Another was living in a new city and applied these method. He went out and within 5 minutes of entering the club two girls had approached him about something he was doing. He connected with the one who appeared to fit his ideal profile of a girl he desired. Within 15 minutes they were making out and he enjoyed the rest of the night with her and her friends. Interestingly enough, the unique personality qualities he most desired, she had as well.

Why Does This Work?

In a world of hundred to ten thousand dollar social dynamic courses with a million and one techniques, how does this lead to how to find your soul mate?

The reason why these energy and law of attraction for love methods work to find your love is because there are two simultaneous realities.

OUR HUMAN REALITY: This is where we perceive things with our senses. The vision we have only perceives certain sizes of objects and wavelengths of light. Our ears only pick up certain frequencies.

This means that what we perceive as reality has MUCH MORE to it.

THE TRUE REALITY: This is all the energy around us, the continual moving of atoms, electrons, quarks, and a continual flow. The white infinite light of infinite positive energy. This is where you and I are connected with everything we most desire. The incredible breakthrough ideas come from here.

And this is where you can “bend reality” or attract love or learn how to find your soulmate in the physical world in which we also live.

Do You Believe?

A man looked around and said that there were only trees.

He started climbing the mountain and as he got midway up, he said, it’s a beautiful forest.

Then, when he got to the top, he looked around and said, “Wow, the ocean on one side is incredible. The forest on the other is magnificent, and the lake in the middle is breathtaking.”

As you grow and you develop in these skills, you will see more and things will more and more natural to you. You will learn how to use the law of attraction.

The first day you got on top of a bike, likely you had trainer wheels or had a learning curve. Now, you can likely ride a bike without even using your hands.

Trust now, apply what I am sharing, and then as you start building even more momentum from successes, things will be even clearer and easy to understand.

E.g. accept your current understanding and DO FIRST. Start with action and results.

You Have Multiple Potential Soulmates

The concept is that we have various soulmates.

A soulmate is an individual with the qualities you most desire and that you create a soul or energy connection with. Focusing on these is important when learning how to find your soulmate.

With this understanding and clarity, you have even more equanimity with potential partners. There are more potentials waiting for you to CHOOSE to meet and invest more time with to create the greatest energy connection.

When focusing on how to find love, the steps are as follows:

#1: When focusing on how to find your soulmate, define the most important 3-4 qualities you most desire.

A student of the system, Frank complained how he would meet women, but he really didn’t enjoy passing much time with them because they didn’t have the qualities he most wanted. He felt like he was wasting his time and was demotivated to even go out and socialize.

We helped him clarify with the utmost detail what qualities both physical, emotional, personality and energy. Within a short time, he reported he was meeting women with the precise qualities he most wanted, naturally, as if they were being sent to him.

To do this, start out by identifying all the qualities you can think of focusing on appearance first, and then on personality related qualities. Include everything in your list that comes to mind.

Then, identify the top 3 to 4 personality qualities and focus on the most important physical quality, which could be that you are very attracted to each other.

#2: Understand the paradox of how to use the law of attraction to attract love

The paradox of attracting love is that the more you experience already having your ideal partner, the more the universe and the law of attraction will bring him or her to you.

You experience in your mind’s eye everything you desire to do with this other person. The detail makes it real for you. When the mental experience is equivalent or surpasses the physical reality of being with the person, then they will appear naturally the fastest.

You know you need to improve this if you find yourself impatient, sad, feeling unloved, or that it’s taking “too long.” If that happens, it is perfectly fine, and a signal to continue developing your skills in step #3.

#3: Do The Love Meditation

This is like any other skill. The more you do the love meditation, the better you will become and the greater and faster results you will have.

The following are the steps:

  1. If you are doing something that requires your attention, please complete it and then return to this love meditation.
  2. Go to a place that is quiet. Concentrate even more on the moment and how you relax even deeper now.
  3. Place your attention on your head to your feet and as you relax each body part. The prior parts relax even deeper now.
  4. Give thanks for everything in your life in all areas. Emphasize great if you like, on the interpersonal area. Give thanks for your ability to communicate, to love, that you are doing this meditation, that there is an infinite positive energy where you are already part of your soulmate and they are of you, and everything else that comes to mind regardless of its perceived size.

Continue with

  1. Deepen your relaxation as you are in an elevator where you get in on level 10 and press 1. 1 is for your love. Each floor as you go down your relaxation deepens by 10x.
  2. You exit the elevator and see a door with a white radiating light and walk through it. There you see your desired love, your soulmate there and your eyes lock. You feel the wonderful connection between you and continue doing the things you most want. Going where you most desire, and enjoying everything more and more. Each time you repeat this you see and experience all in more and more details. Seeing, hearing, feeling, moving, tasting, and living.
  3. Now expand the positive feelings you have as a result of being with your soulmate and love. For example, you feel loved, fulfilled, present, relaxed, happy, and joyous. Expand with the positive feelings more important for you. Whenever you feel lonely, sad, wanting to meet someone special or anything similar, repeat these steps. Literally experience already being with this person.

One student of the system even would pull out a chair when he was having lunch. Visualizing the woman he was with, seeing her, feeling her energy and feeling so happy to be with her. About 7 days later, he met a woman with the precise unique qualities that he identified. They had a 2-day date (they went out and had so much fun they hung out for over 2 days straight!)

#4: Live In Transcendence Daily

By doing the following steps, you will accelerate your attracting your soulmate love with the law of attraction:

  1. Throughout the day, visualize yourself as a white radiating light. Alternatively, you can visualize yourself as having a white glow. Around you, you see white light. The white light represents the infinite positive energy around all of us. You can visualize the white light as translucent. Visualize it with your eyes open and simultaneously see what is around you.
  2. Feel the peace, love, joy, and all other emotions you most desire. Feel them as you are filled from the infinite source of positive energy in the universe. At the same time living in this world with your perspective on things around you from your senses.
  3. Whenever you find yourself focused on other people, concerned, rising stress, or related, repeat the first step.
  4. When you are with your potential love, if you find yourself focusing on them, concerned about what anyone thinks, repeat these steps to be even more present, connected and filled with love.

#5: Do Something To Meet People

The law of attraction and manifesting will do 99.9% of the “work.” However, you do need to get out of your house and actually interact with people.

A great starting point is to ask the question, “What could I do today that is in my comfort zone (or that extends it), easy to do, enjoyable, and will help me meet people, one of whom potentially has all the qualities that I most desire, with equanimity to all outcomes?”

The answer could be to go to a bar. Say hi to people more when you go to the gym. Smile and greet people in the elevator in the building you live, or really anything that brings you forward.

If you are busy and want to connect with your love soulmate while maximizing your time, here are some tips centered around changing your routines:
  • Do you usually stay home on weekends? Talk to people who are knowledgeable and find out where most people go (ideally who have a similar profile to what your soulmate love would have.
  • If you go shopping at a certain hour, change it.
  • If you go to the gym or do anything else at a certain time, change it.
  • Ask yourself what other things you do habitually and change the place, time, or an aspect to allow you to interact with other people.
  • Take out your headphones while listening to music and greet people. If you typically do not say hi to people, start.
  • Step out from online means to meet people, extend that to in person as well. If you only do in person, then extend to enhance with online as well.

Then, from where you are comfortable interact with other people positively. Maintain your presence as white light connected with infinite positive energy. Each time you do something, congratulate yourself. And allow your positive momentum to expand your conversations, interactions, leading and more.

#6: You are already enjoying him/her

If the thought ever comes to your mind that your focus of how to find you soulmate hasn’t worked yet, remind yourself:


Then when he or she appears in your life and you connect instantly, refer back to your list and give thanks for the power of the law of attraction in love.


To your wonderful soulmate love,

Eric Michael


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