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The Meaning Of Life | Why We Are Here | And Practical Applications To Be Happier, And Get More Of What You Want In Life

The meaning of life and why we are here.

Before I share, let’s agree that this is my perspective and whether you agree or disagree, that is fine. It is very important to be able to respectfully listen, think and evaluate and see if what is shared can help us personally as well as make an even more positive impact in the world. The practical applications however I feel are timeless and can benefit everyone who applies them.

The meaning of life is to have the greatest human experience while also transcending it. Again, “The meaning of life is to have the greatest human experience while also transcending it. “ Let’s expand on each aspect of this meaning of life and how it can help you today to achieve what you want and beyond.

“The meaning of life is to have the greatest human experience”

This, as it implies is to have the greatest and broadest range of experiences. This includes ones we may perceive as positive and negative. Ones that are challenging and ones that are easy. And all experience, doing new things, things we are scared of, and so on all contribute to having the greatest possible human experience. Your human experience is guided by your dreams, your self belief, and having a dream or mission much larger than you focused on helping others, so that any obstacles encountered pale in comparison to the big motivating accomplishment you are focused on.

You may be asking, why? I believe we are both an energy source or soul as well as a human body. Our essence being an infinite energy living in a timeless dimension, seeks to evolve. The only way for it to evolve is by expanding its experiences. By having a human experience, e.g. the energy inside a human body, it can evolve in new ways that it could not as pure energy.

There are 6 practical applications for you today based on these premises:

  1. Do as many new things as you can.
  2. Take care of your body while having new experiences so that you can continue to do so for as long as possible.
  3. Really let “what will people think of me” be a thing of the past and live to the fullest each and every day as long as what you desire is positive for you and others.
  4. Encourage others to follow their dreams by your doing it even more.
  5. See something not working out the way you thought it would as a communication to adjust and do it a bit differently as the surprise success is just around the corner and it may be the success is in the growth of doing new things and gaining a new perspective or it may be in the results for you or for others.
  6. Love, grow, develop, learn, and progress as much as you can.

“While also transcending it.”

The definition of transcend is “to rise above or go beyond”

This means that we go beyond the human experience where we merge out human experiences of love, joy, passion, wonder and more with our energy source so that our soul, energy, or essence evolves as a result.

To help you understand even more, think of there being many dimensions, or awarenesses of what is happening at the same time. For example, we have a visual awareness where objects look solid. But if we use an electron microscope the new awareness would be that there is a lot of space and atoms and molecules moving around.

Right now we are similarly surrounded by energy, which we can call the energy plane. This is where our core, source, essence is from. It is timeless, and all things that one desires originate here. We are also in the human existence where we can touch, smell, hear, and feel things.

The more we connect simultaneously with the energy plane as well as the present, human experience, we gain numerous benefits. We are more present, happier, challenges go by the wayside, we can manifest easier and faster, heal others with energy, and ultimately transcend.

The practical applications of these concepts are:

  1. Allow each and all activities you do to connect you even more with the infinite positive white light in the universe radiating into you and making your white light glow brighter, be healthier, have more energy and vitality.
  2. Continually expand your personal mission by asking yourself what can you do to make an even more positive impact in the world.
  3. Live from your own compass instead of what others say or society suggests you do. Connect with your energy core and ask yourself how you can express this and be more and more true to who you are at essence, daily.
  4. The infinite positive energy in the universe from which our core is is positive, radiant, healing, filled with infinite love. Bring these concepts into your human existence to be more positive, radiate a white loving light even more and give love even more, already being infinitely fulfilled.
  5. Embrace all emotions and experiences. Everything at its essence is helping you and your energy source evolve and grow.
  6. Ask yourself daily, “How can I make today even more incredible, special, memorable and an opportunity for positive growth?” And then do it.