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Coronavirus Pandemic & How To Relieve Stress & Have A Calm Mind – Guided Visualization/Meditation

Are you feeling stressed, confused or worried about the coronavirus? Then do this (guided meditation at end).

Day 1 I realized that I couldn’t travel on the date scheduled and I’d be “trapped” where I was. I had no idea what to do. My brain went into fight or flight. My heart raced and my adrenaline spiked. A million possible scenarios rushed before my mind and I was worried. I tried to hide it. Everything will be fine. But my body knew and shut off my immune system. One day later I was feeling sick. No, not with the Coronavirus. But with a self brought on stress case. I got nothing done. I was so weak I could hardly train. And my brain didn’t work.

So I made the decision right then and there to do a couple of things differently.

  1. I took all logical precautions of hygiene, hand washing, using alcohol gel, and ensuring I was only around very low risk people who I knew were also taking the maximum precautions.
  2. I decided to laugh as much as I can. Studies show that when we laugh our immune system’s functioning is maximized. In fact, some people have cured illnesses by laughter therapy. For me it is doing frequent social media stories of the cats and their alliance with the humans to fight the zombies. Then it evolved into the cats actually being aliens that were trying to take over earth but that we’ll save the universe from them. While it makes no sense, it makes all the sense in the world. It’s an interrupt to the pattern most people are in with stress and it’s being replaced with the laughter response.
  3. I also reorganized my priorities and am writing and filming more than ever as well as doing all I can to make the businesses I lead as diversified and as organized to take even better care of the team and clients.
  4. At the end of this, I’ll have more content published, have done all I can to help even more people with energy methods, have the businesses more organized, be much better at capoeira, be more flexible, and be stronger than I was before.
  5. I’ll also be going out very frequently and really giving thanks for the ability to be around people again!

Despite being simple to adjust priorities and make the best out of the situation at hand, most people are stuck in the stress response. I’ve created a short guided meditation to help naturally have a relaxation response of calm mind and feeling great that you can start right now!

Relax Even Deeper As Your  Mind Calms Completely

Let’s get started. If you are doing anything that requires your attention, please complete it so you can relax even more completely. Now, keep your eyes open or closed as you take one very deep breath that fills you with a white light of infinite positive energy, and as you exhale, feel your entire body radiate a white glow as every single cell and muscle relax ever so completely.

You may choose to place your attention on your body and the energy in and around it. What thoughts, worries, concerns, news, other people, or other things are represented by a darkness in your energy field?

Imagine a large chest like the pirates had but empty. The top opens and you can imagine as you guide each thought, worry, concern and the dark energy that surrounds it into the box.

You feel an even greater sense of presence, calmness and sink deeper into a trance of ever deeper relaxation as you fill the areas where these thoughts and dark energy were with a white radiant light.

Repeat again and again for all the thoughts, worries, concerns, or ideas, placing each into the chest and filling where they were with a white radiant light of infinite positive abundance.

Continue doing this.

When done, imagine as the chest closes, the lock slides into place, and slides far off into the distance, finally disappearing.

Allow your connection with infinite energy to expand even greater  as you give thanks for everything that comes to your mind. The clothing you have, that you can listen to this now, that you are here, that you are learning, and all the ideas each of your senses bring you.

The more you expand your feelings of gratitude in each and every cell in your body now, you notice as rays of white light are filling you more and more from the infinite positive energy around you. You notice how you are already part of everything you desired, feeling great, calm, present, and clear minded. As you look down at your hands you may notice they have a radiant white light growing around them.

Now imagine that you are doing the activity that makes you feel the most incredible.

First, you see yourself on a big screen in front of you. You see yourself doing it while you may hear your favorite music playing in the background. The colors get brighter and the image larger and larger.

Everything you experience in the greatest detail.

Now, step into the movie and see everything through your own eyes.

You hear, feel, taste and experience all 100x more vividly with your senses. Wow, this is incredible! You’re doing what you most enjoy and it’s 100x more incredible than ever before.

Perhaps you feel a floaty or dreamy feeling as your body releases all the feel great chemicals and activates all the genes related to pleasure and euphoria.

Allow this sensation and experience to expand. You are doing what you most enjoy and brings you the most joy and each time it gets better and better!

Allow these incredible feelings to grow and expand. You feel happy, confident, present, and thankful.

Ask yourself where you feel the most positive emotions in your body. Then, ask yourself what color you see it represented as.

Now, allow this color to glow brighter and to expand in a warm, vibrating wave through your entire body as the positive feelings multiply and grow more and more.

Notice how you move with fluidly, relaxed body, spontaneously and with confidence.

Identify how you act with even more patience, equanimity, generosity, efficiency, getting great results, make fantastic decisions that really make sense, you think very well and are using the maximum amount of all your brain.

Connect with how you think of yourself as successful, capable, and that things are easy as well as that the world is a positive place full of abundance.

You may notice a smile growing on your face as you feel even better now and all positive experiences, thoughts and feelings multiply and grow even more.

Now as I count from 3 to 1, your positive feelings, presence, calm mind, excellent cognitive ability and relaxation continue while you are also completely awake and alert.

You also naturally do this guided activity three times a day on your own and each time feel even more present, relaxed, and filled with infinite positive energy. You notice how you think better and better, make fantastic decisions, get a ton done, and share with others so they do it too.





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