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5-Minute Meditation You Can Do Anywhere For Mindfulness & To Manifest Your Desires

Would you like to feel better and more relaxed now as well as attract what you desire even faster? Then do this 5 minute “waterfall” meditation.

My name is Eric Michael and I help people upgrade all areas of their lives through meditation and energy based methods with the Power Life System and to relieve pain, sleep better and leave healthier with VitaliZEN.

If you are doing anything that requires your attention such as driving or operating machinery, please complete the activities so that you can safely do this meditation.

You can find a place that is comfortable such as a bed, or you can do this meditation while sitting, or even in the passenger seat in a car or while sitting waiting for food in a restaurant. I’ve done it in all these places.

Only keep your eyes open or close them as quickly as you are ready to relax even deeper. Now, imagine that you are walking in the most secure, safe, and energizing forest with the people you most love and who love you.

You get to a beautiful waterfall with crystal blue waters and a soft cascading flow. No words need to be spoken – you feel so great and enter the shallow water which feels warm and soothing as your entire body relaxes even more completely.

You walk or swim to where the water is cascading down and let it fall over your shoulders and head – it feels incredible – like a pleasant massage.

And similar to a soothing massage, the water brings you deeper and deeper into a pleasant state of relaxation, trance, safety, and connection with the infinite energy from the planet and universe.

You notice that the water around you is draining all harmful energies from your body and the waterfall is filling you with a white light of infinite abundance.

You continue relaxing deeper and deeper as the water softly massages your shoulders, back, head, and the relaxation continues through your entire body and mind.

As you enjoy the peaceful, safe, and deepening sense of relaxation in the waterfall, you give thanks.

You expand your feeling of gratitude for everything that comes to your mind for your spirituality, health, finances, relationships and enjoyment. Give thanks for the first 3 things that come to mind, regardless of their perceived size.

And allow the expanding feeling of gratitude – how incredible these things are – and how much you appreciate them to resonate even brighter as a white radiant light in your heart and body.

Continue to imagine that your body is radiating a white light as if you were a sun that is glowing more and more intensely as you absorb the healing and energizing waves from the waterfall as well as expand your gratitude.

Send this infinite positive energy to those close to you, those who you know and then radiate to everyone and everything around you.

You are so filled with infinite positive abundance that you now positively impact others too.

Imagine now that instead of being in the waterfall where you relax even deeper as you listen to my voice, you are doing all the things you most desired. What you wanted before you are now living and you are the protagonist in the film. You see through your eyes having, doing, and living everything you wanted before.

A pleasant sense of even greater relaxation rises in each and every cell as you now have all you desired – you can relax, enjoy, and be even more present to enjoy it even more.

Notice how you may be breathing slower, that you are more aware of the air on the surface of your skin, or that the muscles in your body are even more relaxed. This is a perfect sign that you are fantastic at meditating and attracting your desires.

You now have and are doing everything you dreamed of before. Notice as you feel confident, happy, enthusiastic, generous, and all the other positive emotions you associate with having all your desires.

Continue imagining as you move with even more confidence, energy, and enthusiasm. And how you act even more patiently, relaxed, generously, and understanding. Recognize how you think about yourself and the world as infinitely abundant and positive.

Now, place your hands over your eyes. Imagine as a white radiant light starts at the base of your spine and as you inhale through your nose, you relax even deeper as this white light draws up to the top of your head. Then, as you exhale, the energy flows down the front of your face, and through your tongue touching behind your top teeth, and flows down your arms and out your hands.

The energy radiates into yourself, dissolving blocks, energizing the cells, and opening all your energy centers and meridians so that energy flows even more naturally.

Continue over your ears.

Now over the front of your neck.

In a T-Form over the top of your chest.

Over your chest.

Lower over your rib cage.

Over your abdominal area.

Over your groin area.

Back up to your abdominal area.

Over your rib cage.

Over your chest.

In a T-Form over the top of your chest.

Now over the front of your neck.

Continue over your ears.

And complete over your eyes.

Now you will open each one of your chakras. You will imagine as you bring your fingers together and open a radiant color circle of the color I give to you. Each circle will remain open until I guide you to close them.

Start over your groin as you pinch your fingers together and open a radiant red circle.

Over your belly button a radiant orange circle.

Over your solar plexus, a radiant yellow circle.

Over your chest, a radiant green circle.

Over your through, a radiant blue circle.

Over your forehead, a radiant purple circle.

Over the top of your head, a radiant magenta circle.

Now with your hands gather all the circles together and bring them to your chest.


As I count from 3 to 1, you will continue to feel, calm, present, completely filled and experiencing all you desired. You will also be 100% awake and alert.




Well done on taking the time with this meditation to relax, be even more present, and develop your own skill with influencing physical reality.

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Light and love,





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