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The Corona Virus And Spiritual Evolution, Expansion, Enlightenment & Transcendence

Could the coronavirus be the catalyst for the next phase in human spiritual evolution?

I’ve received so many emails with this one word, coronavirus, I am seriously considering putting a spam filter on it. Everything from selling supplements to people asking if I’m OK. And on my stories in Instagram and Whatsapp where I am training outside in the woods and I joke about the zombies, people I hardly know tell me to stay inside to be “safe.”

Aside from these superficial “issues,” there is something deeper we must ask.

Why is this here? And why now? And what can we learn from it? More importantly, how can we evolve individually and communally as a human species?

To answer these questions, let’s ask some important questions:

First, do you believe there is a universal or infinite intelligence?

If you don’t then, how do you explain the incredible way that things happen in nature? For example, “How do the sea turtles know to swim back to their birthplace?”  “How does a baby form from a sperm and egg in just 8 months?”  “How does our heart know to beat?” and “How can the sun burn for millions of years?”

I believe that there is a greater force. Whether we call it infinite intelligence, nature or something else, something is influencing what is happening around us. We often refer to this greater force when things are beautiful – for example, a sunset, the birds singing in the morning, the mist over a forest, the calm water of a beautiful river, the leaves of the trees and more. Logic would have it that also for things that aren’t so beautiful that this universal force has an influence.

Second, do you feel we are on the brink of the tipping point for global warming?

Whether you choose to believe it or not, the earth is heating up. The ozone layer is being destroyed. And the ice at the Arctic poles is melting. Scientists have said that we are on the brink of never turning back. We still have time but it is nearing the point when we cannot.

Third, did you notice the tensions between the USA and China before this incident?

Each nation was imposing a tariff war and tensions were rising. What if, hypothetically speaking, the focus on more profits at the expense of other nations and failure to see that we are all connected and ultimately part of one energy, was pushing up to a tipping point? What if this tipping point was something dangerous that could wipe out life on Earth?

Fourth, hypothetically, if there is a universal intelligence, we were on the tipping point for global warming and tensions could be escalating, would it make sense to send a message?

While I don’t claim to have all the answers or know how it works, I do believe in a greater power

If you had a child who was playing near the edge of a deep swimming pool or cliff, you would naturally give subsequently greater warnings, right? Would it make sense for a greater power to do the same?

If you agreed that there is a greater power, that we are nearing a tipping point with global warming and with tensions between nations, wouldn’t it make sense that a greater force would give us a message?

I believe that it would.

Beyond debating whether or not the aforementioned logic is correct or not since we really can’t tell for sure, let’s turn our focus to a question we’ll all agree, “How can I live better today and expand my consciousness as a result of what’s going on?” E.g. “How can I turn lemons into lemonaide?”

I asked the question and this is a start of what I’ve identified and am doing.

  1. I’m filming more content in 3 languages focused on energy and expanding consciousness to help others.
  2. I’m improving the Masterclasses and refilming and promoting.
  3. I’m sharing energy methods with the people in the companies I lead.
  4. I’m encouraging the first adopters in the other companies I lead (sales reps who are exploding their sales, others who are relieving stress, etc.) to share their positive experiences and gain adoption by others to help even more people.
  5. I’ve massively reduced my time on social media with a notable side effect of more physical and mental energy.
  6. I’ve chosen to focus on health, joy, laughter and the people important to me.
  7. I’ve chosen to focus on doing the best I can for hygiene and prevention and relaxing, laughing and being happy. Essentially, I’m becoming a more flexible person to roll with any “punches.”
  8. I’m training every day with a heavy band, bars, and two times a week capoeira to get in even better shape than I was at the gym
  9. I’m training in nature and realizing incredible beauty that I didn’t even stop to see before
  10. I’m releasing from needing to accomplish and have and instead doing the best I can each day while allowing a greater force to guide me.
  11. I’m creating more fun and silly videos to inspire and make people laugh in Instagram and WhatsApp stories.
  12. I’m identifying how I can reduce or eliminate the eating of all products that are a result of killing of an animal.

The final and most important question is…

Fifth, what ways can you leverage the coronavirus pandemic situation to become even better and take your personal evolution to the next level?

Share in a comment. I’d love to hear.

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Light, love and health,



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